up against religion

up against religion September 25, 2012

david and goliath up against religion drawing cartoon by david hayward nakedpastor

Ya, sometimes this is how I feel. Little David with a pebble up against an ancient giant!

You know, that church building represents religion, and I meet plenty of negative religion outside of church walls as well. In fact, some of the most ferociously religious people I’ve met have been outside the church.

The kind of religion I’m up against is the kind that taunts and degrades people, attempts to control them, manipulates them and shames them, that limits rational thought, critical thinking and intellectual integrity, that demands blind adoration of empty leadership and unquestioning subservience.

That’s the kind of religion that needs to come down! I’m still trying to find the perfect pebble perfectly placed.

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  • David Waters

    Best to just walk away and find your own Truth.

  • Yes…just make it up…out of your OWN gray matter.

    Anything will work. Cook up your own recipe and tell Jesus to go and take a flying leap.

    Good plan.

  • Steve: I have no idea how your response applies to my post.

  • I was commenting on David Waters’ remark “Best to walk away and find your own Truth.”

  • Oh. Ya. Okay. Got it!

  • Syl

    I trust the reliability of my own god-given gray matter and the quality of my own recipes far more than that of others with their own agendas and power trips to play out at the expense of others. Jesus is a welcome guest at my table and is invited along as a flying companion – I think he does just fine at taking great leaps and isn’t too concerned about making sure a rigid flight plan is followed. A successful flight requires understanding and respecting mother nature, and I think he would get that more than anyone.

  • Kevin

    Well said Syl

  • Mother Nature doesn’t care one wit about us.

    But Jesus surely does. He, and He alone, will save us.

  • Syl

    Of course mother nature doesn’t care about us – and it’s a metaphor, Steve. Those who take to the skies know that mother nature is indifferent and will kill you dead just as soon as smile on you – it’s your knowledge of yourself, your aircraft, and your operating environment and acting accordingly that determines whether you fly and arrive safely.

    Like I said, a successful flight – through the air or through life – depends on understanding and respecting “mother nature” – your operating environment, in all its permutations. And I think Jesus “gets it” – and appreciates those walk a path (or fly a course) that is less traveled, with honesty and integrity.

  • Jacob

    Steve Martin, I find your comment to David Waters somewhat immature and presumptuous. ‘Walk away and find your own truth’ does not constitute ‘ just make it up’. I agree with David, and if you think it’s not possible, then you’re welcome to accept the ‘truth’ as ‘made up’ by the institution which we accept as ‘gospel’. I understand the comment of David in the context which allows me to rely on Jesus to reveal himself to me. Anything other than that is theology and not necessarily the truth. You will notice he wrote Truth with a capital implying it’s more than a concept. Jesus said;’I am the Truth’. Truth is God, not theology, theosophy or religious arguments confined to our little boxes we put God into to suit our comfort zone. I don’t claim to have it all together but God is able to reveal Himself to me and through me. As for me? I’m walking away and allowing God to find me. The very existence of God is my life, you can read that in scriptures, but it needs to be revealed to us.

  • Helen

    Jacob – YES ! Speak it brother…

  • Boxes! Yes. . . Those confining little spaces of rules and control and appearance. UGH! I spent years trying to fit my spirit into those boxes, and it ended up crushing my spirit. It took a decade to recover. Now I find a God that says yea, I’ll go with you to that little house (church), and we can grow together and learn more. But that’s just a stop over. My experience with God is everywhere. We are NOT separate. God is in all (omnipresent). Jesus walked through every segment of the community, offering love, compassion and healthy support. He hung out with everyone, and was most irritated by the superior, lofty souls that looked down on others.

    The freedom I find in Christ is not unlike a two-year-old with her mama. Messy and innocent and creative and joyful. He delights in me. He encourages me to grow past my self-centered ways and share my things and think about what is going on with others. He nourishes me and teaches me a new language that is uplifting and encouraging. He inspires me to experiment, to make mistakes , to try new things, and to take risks. And sometimes I don’t get it right. Too carry the metaphor of the two-year-old a little further – when I don’t get it right, God doesn’t pin a $20 on my collar and send me out the door. Correction, (natural consequences) encouragement, and redirection are given. And growth carries on. And I’m never alone. This relationship is MY responsibility. Not the responsibility of some “Church”. That is just a place to go where like-minded people are. Kind of like a mother’s day out, only “mom” doesn’t leave. She just tries to teach us how to play nice together. (Good Luck With That One. . .)

  • Kris

    People who claim to know Jesus are always cooking something up and telling us God told them to do that or say that.

  • Steve: The entire systematic theology that you follow is the result of Luther walking away and finding his own truth. How is that any different?

  • Steve: The entire systematic theology that you follow is the result of Luther walking away and finding his own truth. How is that any different?

  • Jacob

    Kris, God told me to do only one thing: To let go of my religious reference/framework and allow Him to reveal Himself to me. And that’s the best advice He ever gave me. I’m open to any opinion because I don’t measure it against my religious predispositions. I don’t have agendas and I refuse to satisfy some religious system through legalistic requirements. I don’t find God, He finds me. His Grace is my life.