too bad women teachers have bodies

too bad women teachers have bodies April 8, 2013
women teachers bodies cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
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I want to thank Rachel Held Evans for being a part of the inspiration behind this cartoon. In a recent post of hers, The Absurd Legalism of Gender Roles: Exhibit C–“As Long As I Can’t See Her…”, she said,

Piper is essentially arguing that so long as he does not have to acknowledge my humanity, so long as I keep a safe distance so he is unaware of the pitch of my voice and the presence of my breasts, he can, perhaps, learn something about the Bible from me.

Of course, being an artist, my mind pictures these things. And, being an artist, my mind embellishes it. So I had to add the other part.

I wrote a critique of a 3 minute interview of Piper on Youtube where he seems to betray his assumption that guys always think about sex and that women should not teach men authoritatively.

I pick on Piper’s theology, as well as people like Driscoll, because they represent a huge part of the Christian culture. They are looked up to as male role models within the Church and offer themselves as such. That makes their ideas fair game.

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  • Gary

    You have a tremendous gift for insightful illustration!

    Love it!!

  • Pat


  • Pat

    I’ve now read Rachel’s post and want to update my instinctive response above.
    A spot-on cartoon which perfectly complements an excellent article and reinforces just how stupid and offensive the attitude of people like Piper is. Thank you.

  • i don’t think people are getting it. you all must have dirty minds.

  • Al Cruise

    All ” Truth” comes from God, does’t matter if it comes through a male or female, and you know it when you hear it.

  • Caryn LeMur

    Ohhhhh…. rofl… this one caught me way off guard, and all I could do is laugh and laugh.

    Of course, we know that men are God’s chosen leaders. Why, I am sure that God upheld super mouseketeer Annette’ Funicello’s coming into His kingdom as an example for all godly women to follow… and that God was so sad that Margret Thatcher had not followed suite.

    It is so sad that we women just don’t understand our place… shame, shame, shame on Margret….. could someone please pass me some Mickey Mouse ears for my next prayer session at church?… I should wear them…. yanno?…..

    rofl….. in humor…..Much love in Christ always and unconditionally; Caryn

  • Martha

    This may be the best one yet…and that’s saying a LOT!! LMAO!!!

  • Gary

    “i don’t think people are getting it. you all must have dirty minds.”

    David…is there some hidden meaning in this beyond your comments we are missing?

  • the picture. they don’t see it as a woman’s breasts and vagina. they see an owl or something haha 🙂

  • Gary

    Oh I must have a dirty mind then because I immediately saw the breasts and vagina…LOL

    (Actually I believe I have the mind God created me with…and I love the female form…grin)

  • Can I claim a part in bringing this cartoon into being? 😉

  • Yes Connie, you may 🙂

  • Theodore Seeber

    Hate to say it- but arguably the most liberal English teacher I had in high school, all I can remember of her class 24 years later is the day she decided that D-cup boobs didn’t need a bra.

  • They think their teachers are extreme closeups of badly drawn owls? Weird.

  • Adam

    There certainly is an inconsistency between what he say about lerning from a woman in reading from a book and not having women teachers. The comment Evans makes about Precilla is a valid one. And what would Piper do with say, a lecturer in a university that happens to be female? If I remeber correctly from what I have read of him, he is perfectly fine with that.

    The female parsonhood comment and taking that away in terms him reading a book is something that I can appreciate, for Evans has resulted in her reaction. but being a man I won’t pretend to know what it would be like for a woman to read such a comment.

    I understand that Piper does want to make something of manhood and womanhood and the differences therin, celebrating them, and there is merit in that. However I can’t agree with his position on the teaching by women, for no other reason than his inconsistency with not being OK with it happening in church but OK with it happening outsied church. It’s either OK in both or not OK in both. I say it’s OK in both.

    Though I have to ask – who made Piper’s view about women and teaching get to be about female breasts and genetalia?

  • J. Bell

    I’ve never been able to learn anything from male teachers or pastors. I get so distracted by their balls, all I can do is stare at their dicks so I get nothing. Also I hate to to be told what to do by men, so I always tune out anything men ever say. Especially if they’re being “authoritative”.

  • J. Bell

    *rushes to explain* just in case there could possibly be any doubt, I wrote that tongue firmly in cheek. But imagine if women really did go round with that kind of attitude? What if lots of us, or most of us had that kind of attitude? What if we found ways to warp and distort scripture to justify that attitude? What would that feel like, for men? …. welcome to OUR world.