the church loses respect because it demands it

the church loses respect because it demands it July 19, 2013
mirror mirror cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Do you know one of the main reasons so many people are so critical of the church? Because it is not critical of itself.

What if the church readily and publicly admitted to its abuses, its greed, its misogyny, its homophobia, its role as accomplice in so many injustices, its coverups, its…, its…, its…? What if the church criticized itself?

Instead we see mostly self-congratulations and defensiveness. It is its pride that brings it down.

It loses respect because it demands it.

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  • In my experience bad church-related things are always blamed on individual transgressions by fallible humans. The underlining doctrine or scripture verses or their meanings and interpretations are never questioned.

  • Pat68

    As they so like to quote, “Pride goes before a fall.”

  • klhayes

    Amen! A former pastor after my own heart:D

  • WillBell

    This is actually a very good description of the problem.

  • Brandi Eissinger

    Another wonderful post! And, I agree with you completely. I love how you’re willing to be honest and to the point.

  • Yes. I still remember all the Christian protests and violence when the an “artist” put the crucifix in a jar of urine in New York. How many were killed? was it…zero?

    Christ demands respect..and obedience. And He gets it not. Not from those outside the Church…and barely from those inside the churches.

  • Why doesn’t the church, which claims to be the most healing accepting place on earth accept me as a gay man?

  • glorrierose

    What is “the church”? There are many Christian churches that are gay friendly and welcoming. There is no such thing as “the church,” but rather, many churches, some of which are radically conservative, some of which are radically progressive, and some of which are in the middle. You can’t criticize “the church” for not accepting you as a gay man, since there are many churches that will.

  • glorrierose

    Why do you use the term “the church” as if all Christian churches and communities were the same? They are not. There are many Christian churches that have been self critical and have moved beyond the rigid judgmentalism of conventional Chrisitianity. There is NO “the Church.” The CATHOLIC church may be regarded as one since all of them are supposed to follow the pronouncements of the pope (even though more than a few ignore much of those pronouncements). But Protestant churches vary considerable in their openness to the true message of Christ, which is Love, not Judgment. So why do you perpetuate this distortion of reality?

  • Justin McRoberts

    My thoughts exactly. Nothing quite like a sweeping generalization to do the trick, though… especially if the trick is making a ton of noise while making little to no difference at all. Mr. Hayward’s primary work, creating community for those with frustrations/disappointments etc.. seems to me a better route.

  • jim dorey

    it’s been my experience that those who demand trust, love, respect and obedience, are usually not worthy of it.

  • That’s why He just doesn’t show up here and scare the hell out of everybody. Then we would only fear Him and not love Him.

    “We love, because He first loved us.”

  • jim dorey

    ‘Christ demands respect..and obedience.’ if he DID show up, he’d at least be able to put to rest all the concerns of those that think the religion he spawned is filled with violent, hypocritical, liars, it’d decrease fear. however, i don’t fear him, i don’t believe he exists, whether he did or not, certainly doesn’t now.