the church versus Jesus

the church versus Jesus July 22, 2013
the church versus jesus cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
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I remember in 1982 when I watched the film Gandhi and he said, as he did in real life, “I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians.” It had a powerful impact on my seminary mind.

We all know we resist real, substantial change. We don’t mind adjustments so much. Renovations. But deconstruction and reconstruction… what the bible calls death and resurrection… well, we avoid that by all means.

Most of us use Jesus as a consultant rather than a resident.

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  • Chester McMackin

    Paraphrases :

    ” I like JESUS, but I wouldn’t want Him to LIVE here ”

    “Great consultant, when I am desperate”

    ” Not wise to quote HIM”

    ” Good for blaming when I screw up ”

    ” I don’t think He would like our fancy, ornate , comfortably pewed church buildings”

  • Yep!

  • Spot on, David.

    There’s very little dying going on in churches these days. But there are a lot of renovation projects.

  • Pat68

    So true. It’s easier for people to rail against the humans they see and push them out versus the Jesus they can’t see. Although, what they fail to realize is that Jesus lives in many of those people they reject.

  • I like that the drawing itself could be interpreted as the parable-speaking “you need to metaphorically die and be born again (but not literally)” Jesus knocking on a literal evangelical church or it could be the “I am the way, the only way or you are going to literally burn in Hell” Jesus knocking on a progressive church. The meta view shows that churches as institutions resist change to their own internal beliefs.

    I, of course, prefer the metaphorical parable-speaking Jesus who means you need to deconstruct and reconstruct your life and beliefs.

  • Trevor Haug

    This is a great post – a fair and challenging critique.

  • Lucia Cordero

    Jesucristo, es y será por siempre el único ejemplo de vida, el hombre jamás, aunque seamos cristianos no dejamos de pecar, por lo mismo la escritura dice, Aerquémonos confiadamente al trono de su gracia para alcanzar misericordia para el perpetuo socorro, porque no tenemos un Dios que no pueda compadecerse de nosotros, sino uno que fué tentado en todo, pero sin pecado, según la carta a los hebreos, y el apóstol Juan dice, si alguno hubiere pecado, abogado tenemos para con el padre a Jesucristo el justo, nunca ningún hombre será el mejor ejemplo solo El Cristo Jesús, ni Buda, bo Mahoma ni nadie, no seguimos a hombres sino a un Dios que fué tentado en todo pero sin pecado, nunca debemos poner la mira en los hombres solo en El.

  • It is fun to use on-line language translators and see all the distortions of the text. I get the following for one of them.

    Jesus Christ , is and it will be forever more the unique object lesson of living , the human being not ever , although we may be Christians we don’t leave of to sin , for the very her writing she says Aerquémonos confiadamente at the throne of your handsomeness in order to reach forgiving in order to the perpetual help , in as much as not tenemos one God which not it can feel pity for of we , rather one which fué tempting all over , but without sin , according to the letter at the age of Hebrews , and the apostle John she says , whether various hubiere sin , solicitor tenemos in order to with the parent to Jesus Christ the that’s right , not ever not any human being it will be the best object lesson not other than The Christ Jesus , nor Buddah bo Mahoma nor none , we don’t follow to humanity rather at a God which fué tempting all over but without sin , not ever we owe put her scope in the humanity not other than in the.

  • klhayes

    “…the least of these…”

  • “On occasion great teachers are sent into the physical world, but this is quite rare. Why is it rare? Because people cannot tolerate having someone like that around. Would you want to go share a household with Buddha or Jesus? It would make you very uncomfortable!”