the surprising second coming of the Christ

the surprising second coming of the Christ July 21, 2013
the second coming of the christ cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
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The German theologian Karl Barth believed that the second coming was a parousia… a revelation of what already is but that we are blind to. He believed that it will be like the pulling back of the veil to reveal what already is true.

What I take Barth to mean is that the second coming is a metaphor for humanity to finally see the connectivity in all things, the unity of all things, the All in the all.

Our unity with all races. Our unity with all sexualities. Our unity with all genders. Our unity with all people. Our unity with all things.

The ancient cry, “maranatha” (Come, Lord Jesus)… even if we don’t subscribe to a Christian theology… we can cry today: “We want to see and live the unity of all things. Now!”

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  • Aviatrix

    I love it!

  • Perfect!

    We WANT IT (whatever it is)…and we WANT it NOW!

  • A fantastic metaphor, David!
    Such a meaningful and culturally challenging image – much like the cross…

  • Dan Ortiz

    Wouldn’t that interpretation of Barth’s thesis give credibility to such fundamentalists/charismatic phenomena like the toronto blessing, speaking in tongues, etc.

  • tom sellier

    I recommend you buy from Jesus gold refined by fire and eye salve that you may see.

  • I like the way you frame the idea of the second coming.

  • Great revamp for Christians! But to be more ecumenical and escape all the unnecessary trapping of 2,000 years of theology and parochialism, instead of “maranatha”, why not use the Swahili word “Harambee!”
    It always seems so odd to bend over and twist so much to keep loaded words when we have ordinary words that everyone can use like “Let’s All Pull Together!”

  • I was thinking along those lines as well. From My years in the Vineyard movement, the theology seemed to echo those words.

  • mirele

    I hope this shocks a few people who happen to be wedded to the idea that a white male god is going to descend from the sky on a white horse. Seriously, got to reconsider the idea that God is male OR female or that there’s some salvific or theological significance in the gender. (Waits for lightning to strike…)

  • klhayes

    This is awesome!!! I can hear several people stroking out at this very moment.

  • Glad you’re finally on board Steve. 😉

  • Thanks everyone. I like the image. It speaks to me.

  • wjshelton

    Mirele, don’t worry about the lightning striking you, based solely on what you just wrote. If that was all it takes for the sacred thunderbolt to fall out of the sky, I’d have been carbonized at least 40 years ago… 🙂

  • Brigitte

    I met a lady like this the other day. She was part Mohawk, part Micmac, part Jewish and part Caribbean, (and she married an Italian). The similarity is fairly striking. Perhaps she was the Christ.

    In any case, Christ was quite clear that all kinds of people will say here and there is the Christ. There have been all kinds of proposals of a metaphorical coming to corroborate someones theories or aspirations to prophethood and sect starting. But Christ said the coming would be quite obvious to all. I think that will be the safest thing to stick to.

  • Wayne Chilver

    Websurfing from this post I came across this image of Christ from the 2nd Century. This oldest known image of Christ with the head of a mule speaks volumes

  • Mary Furtado Hodge

    Look! It’s Oprah!

  • hahaha. maybe so! 🙂

  • It takes some of us a while longer!

  • disqus_cfBevsr42L

    I havent studied or anything, just spent so, so much time thinking. And a year or so ago, it occurred to me what “judgement” must be. It must be when we are able to see into ourselves (our psyches, our motivations, our dysfunctions, our needs) and the effects of our actions on others the way God sees us. It is the perspective and empathy we dont have yet, and that some purposefully avoid. You see, he wont have to do or say anything- he just finally, silently, lets us see reality.