the demon of breastfeeding in public

the demon of breastfeeding in public August 10, 2013
beelzeboob public breastfeeding cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

How would you cast this demon out? Where would you lay your hands on the woman? I’m sure it could become a popular new ministry.

Is Beelzeboob more powerful in a 38D than a 32B?

And where would you cast Beelzeboob out to? “I bind thee Beelzeboob in an underwire bra forever!”

A video of a woman defending her right to breastfeed in public was circulating the web yesterday. Don’t mess with her! I started to think of a cartoon to address this issue as soon as I saw it. Then, when a friend messaged me this morning asking if I had any cartoons about Christians, the church, and breastfeeding in public, I knew it was time.

This is what I cooked up. You know, I could write a lot about this. Why is the new modesty incentive increasing in popularity? Why is purity culture gaining momentum? Why are men blaming women for men’s issues? Why do we continue to try to control women? Why is our culture sexualizing everything about women? Why do women have to wear their mammary glands in public?

But Beelzeboob is enough for a Saturday morning.

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  • Julie Anne

    Beelzeboob! Love that! HAHA David! I nursed all of my babies (7) – even in the church pew :::::gasp:::::: during Sunday services – with discretion. Happy baby makes for a more pleasant service for all 🙂

  • so did my wife lisa with our 3… and i was the pastor!!

  • Elizabeth Keith

    spitting coffee before work on saturday.. 😀 perfectly done sire! i shared that video from huffpost and then the laws for seattle and king county.. when naked women adorn the sides of busses for adverts but my dau in law is offensive for feeding her kid? well. you just said it.

  • Sandy Westermann

    For real. I once had a someone ask the pastor to “make me stop” breastfeeding my baby during church. At least he knew better than to approach me about it.

  • Jeannine Engle Buntrock

    Thank you for this. I’ve recently had my third baby, so I don’t care nearly as much about what people think about me as I did having just had my first. I absolutely breastfeed in public, and usually without a cover – because have you tried to nurse a baby past about two months old using a cover? (They’re far too curious about the world, and yank it down each time you raise it up.)

    I make every attempt at discretion otherwise – but, and I know I’m not a man and don’t think like a man – I find it pathetic that anyone makes this an issue. I firmly believe that if more boys witnessed their mothers/women in the community breastfeeding their siblings/children, they wouldn’t have this issue when they grew up.

    In this vein, public breastfeeding is good for society. And, as they say, if breastfeeding offends you, put a blanket over YOUR head. (Or at least, just look away.)

  • Julia Tindall Bloom

    I breastfed both my babies in public all the time, including church pews. Never dared to wear a dress like the woman in the cartoon though 🙂

  • “put a blanket over YOUR head” hahaha! perfect 😀

  • Ya you can probably tell that that someone who’s never breastfed before drew it from the dress. Although in the video the woman had a similar top on.

  • Julia Tindall Bloom

    This is great stuff, though, and I thank you for raising these questions. My daughter & son are just starting to ask, “why is it okay for men to take off their shirts when they’re hot but not women?” To which I say, “yeah, I always wondered that too,” and then I try to explain culture and socialization, blah blah blah . . .

  • Brigitte
  • blessedw6mom

    I’ve breastfed 6 kids (currently still breastfeeding my 14 month old) … none were ever tolerant of being covered. When a baby nurses he/she wants to see their mama. Have had my share of defending my baby’s right to eat anywhere we are over the years … but I suppose now I just know what i’m going to do what my baby needs no matter what others in the room think. And at almost 40 I care a whole lot less about what people think than I did at 20. Last week at church I was helping my 5 year old wash her hands in the bathroom when a brand new mother came in with her one week old. I assumed she was coming to to change the baby, so I told her this bathroom did not have a changing station, they put that in the other bathroom down the hall. She said “oh, that’s ok, I just came it to feed her”. SERIOUSLY!?!?!?!! I had to restrain myself from storming back out into church and demanding to know who made this sweet young mom feel she needed to sit on a toilet while feeding her baby. Took a deep breath and instead casually asked if she would like me to show her where most of the other nursing moms go to feed their babies. She looked surprised but said “sure”. I led her to our “moms room” … I personally don’t use it because I am fine with nursing wherever I need to, but I am glad the church provides a comfy, pretty room with a couch and comfy chairs and a tv with the service on it so moms who want to nurse out of view. I wish people would remember that nursing was good enough for Jesus!!! Mary had no other option!

  • Julia Tindall Bloom

    i like how the cherubs are covering her back!

  • Andy Brasfield

    Is it too much to ask a breast feeding mother to consider the little boys and teenagers who may never forget the sight of their boob?

  • LOL. I’m thinking of Brando’s line in the movie Apocalypse Now:

    “The horror! The Horror!”

  • I’m sure MARY never did that with Jesus!

    Oh, wait a minute …

  • paula

    You’re kidding, right?

  • hehehehe. great scene.

  • oh oh

  • Andy Brasfield

    Nope. Not kidding.

  • mrichardson84

    Wow. That’s not AT ALL derogatory and sexist. #sarcasm

  • LA_Mom

    Yes, it is too much to ask.

  • LA_Mom

    The folks who say we should feed in the bathroom make me sick, literally. 🙂 Those who compare breastfeeding to urinating, having sex, etc., and say it should be done in private like those other bodily functions are actually just really ignorant. How is that the same thing at all? I fear for people who equate feeding babies with sex. (They should probably be on a registry somewhere.) Unless they want to take their plate and eat in the bathroom of their local restaurant, they should not even discuss the situation. 🙂

  • LA_Mom

    If more little boys and teenagers were to see their mothers and other ladies doing what God intended with their breasts, they wouldn’t have an issue about it. Breasts are not dirty pillows, my good man. Breasts are the same thing you have on YOUR chest (not commenting on whether you have manboobs or not!) with a bit of extra fat and the super power of producing milk. They are not toys for boys, they are bottles for babies. Show some respect! You see more boob watching tv (on major networks with victoria’s secret commercials) than you do with a nursing mom. What will happen if a little boy or even a teenager (or I suspect, a middle-aged man with the unfortunate surname including the word “bra”) happens to see a breast? Will it send him into fits of lust? Nah, If it does, that’s a choice he makes by sexualizing women feeding babies. He could just say, “awwww how sweet, a baby being fed as God intended!”

  • klhayes

    I am with you LA_Mom, if you explain that this is how young babies are fed and don’t freak out yourself, you kids won’t freak out either. Kids take their cues from adults on how to feel about these things and see their parents reactions. It should be seen as natural. And so what if they don’t forget the sight of a boob? Are they going to become some type of sexual deviant because they see a boob?

  • And therein lies the problem. Right there. Sexualizing breastfeeding. There’s NO problem with a little boy or teenager or grown man seeing a woman breastfeeding. Unless, of course, the so-called “adults” in the room makes it a problem. Then, it becomes the forbidden fruit, and it’s downhill from there. For heaven’s sake. Grow up.

    ~Mom of 3 little boys, none of whom have been traumatized by watching mothers feed their children in public.

  • Heather Lee

    “Why?” questions here. The answers are, I suspect,
    based in the age-old traditions of power and control. That is one reason
    why I actively support women (and by extension, their partners and
    families) who want to breastfeed and parent their children in an
    “attached” way. My Helpline and other work is both supportive of
    community and a political activity. Through information and support we
    empower people at a grassroots level rather than leaving them dependent
    on medicalised “experts” and large transnational companies. We also
    advocate for this type of everyday activity (breastfeeding a child in
    public) to be so utterly normal as to never raise a single eyebrow! – A
    smile raised is good.

  • Liz, Anna’s mommy

    this put tears in my eyes, Thank you for supporting our fellow nursing moms

  • Liz, Anna’s mommy

    I do believe they are considering little boys the ones they are feeding… and maybe those teenage ones will be able to look at a breast not only as a object of sexual desire but first the resource that mothers use (can use) to feed their children… what a wonderful gift of knowledge and tolerance to give to them!

  • 🙂

  • yep

  • Sabine Summerville

    You may want to remember humans are mammals, you know, we have mammary glands from which our young feed. Not sure why that would traumatize any children or teens…..

  • Argon

    Yes. And you, sir, are an ass.