running to the best show in town

running to the best show in town September 8, 2013
running to the best show in town cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
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Some churches lose members while others gain the same ones. This is a familiar phenomenon. True organic church growth is preferred but rare. Trading members is the norm.

Is even Mark Driscoll’s Mars Hill Church no longer publishing its numbers because it doesn’t want others to know of its decline and to be no longer recognized as in the top ten?

I am aware that my own online community The Lasting Supper could be interpreted as just another show in town that people might choose over others. Personally I don’t think so. Even though the community is growing, it is made up of people who are questioning everything, including church, their theology, and, yes, God. Learning spiritual independence requires a brutal honesty. For authentic growth you can’t predict where you’re going to end up. Unless your goal is to be fully you.

Stop huddling with the herd, swimming with the school, and flying with the flock. Find your own spiritual path.

We can help you do that.

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  • This reminds me a bit of the old Baptist joke I heard (from another Baptist in a small group session).

    There was this guy that was stranded by himself on a deserted island for a few years. He was finally rescued and was showing people around the various buildings he constructed while he was there. He pointed out his sleeping hut, food preparation area, outhouse, and then came to two additional buildings. Going to one of them, he said “This is the Baptist church I attend”. Then walking over to the other building, he said “And this is the Baptist church I used to attend”.

  • Hello David, I love your concept of a questioning church where one is not bounded to dogmas.
    The problem is that for me one has to be at least open to the possibility of the Supernatural in order to be a Christian as I briefly explain here.

    I am stunned and dumbstruck by the facts that Churches with a very conservative or fundamentalist theology are also very successful.

    I believe they have two things which mainstream churches lack:

    1) a belief or openness to the Supernatural, a hope in a true afterlife and that God can do miracles
    2) modern songs which make people joyous

    I am seeking for a church having these two elements but completely rejecting the doctrine of Biblical inerrancy.
    I believe that the Church of Randal Rauser is very close to that, and the love for God and every human stands really at the foreground, although they are convinced that God does real miracles.
    But he’s Canadian and I’m an European so that I would have to swim over the whole Atlantic ocean to attend a service :=)

    Please don’t see this as a criticism but as a dialog, every church has positive and negative aspects.

    By the way does your church have contact with atheists? It would be encouraging to see some of them giving up their prejudices that ALL Christians are brainless bigots.

    Lovely greetings from Europe.

    Lothars Sohn – Lothar’s son

  • Hi Lothar Lorraine,

    To answer your question about atheists: no group is called “them” in The Lasting Supper – all are welcome and many diverse people are members.

  • Actually there are atheists on the lasting supper and they are very gracious people towards others. And about the “supernatural”, I think all people need to freedom to doubt that for as long as it takes and perhaps even conclude that there isn’t a deistic god who intervenes in our lives.

  • Cecilia Davidson

    As an atheist myself, i don’t see many Christians as brainless bigots –

    just the brainless bigots.

  • tom sellier

    I believe that verse that says, “there is a way that seems right to a man but its end is death” fits your supposed “church.” You cannot lead people off the ancient path and expect good things for them or you in the end. But you know what, eat, drink and be gay for tomorrow you die.

  • islandbrewer

    Crap, did you just call me “gracious”? I must be softening with age.

    If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go grumble and complain loudly while shaking my rake at the kids walking by.

    And yes, my name is not Islandbrewer on the lasting supper.

  • Michael Toy

    God is nowhere
    God is now here
    God: I snow here