The fault with default Christianity

The fault with default Christianity October 23, 2013
default faith cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
“Default Faith” (by nakedpastor David Hayward)

I invite you to join others asking questions.

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  • If someone has never really considered and explored another faith system, then can someone really claim their default as their own? Or is it really just a form of a “hand-me-down” religion?

    My experience has been that others who have explored other religions (I mean truly explored them as good for their spiritual path, not just learned about them to show how they are wrong) have a much better grasp of Christianity, especially the scholarship around it.

    So, I ask, is it really possible to claim a religion as one’s own when it is the only option they have looked at?

  • klhayes


  • Chris

    Irreverance – I agree – this post nails it. I think that probably most people’s religion is normally whatever family, culture and country they happened to be born into.
    PS – I love the “Preacher” avatar

  • Gary

    Excellent David. So spot on and very timely considering the influx of default Christianity spokespersons appearing among the posters on your blog lately.

  • angangang

    This is so true. I was in a new apostolic reformation church for nine years and no one said ‘we are nar and we speak things that are not biblical’… And if they are keeping a few secrets, you can bet they have a lot of secrets. A lot of evil exist where secrets are held behind church walls.

    Question Everything!!! And Do what you can to expose the truth.

  • Tom Wilson

    David, I’ve never thought it about those terms, but this is so true. In the West we seldom if ever have been exposed to other religions or philosophies. I personally have only been faced couple alternatives to Christianity and yet even they utilize the Jewish and Christian Bibles as either the sole basis or one of their holy books.

  • Whoa! Somebody actually knew what the avatar was. Awesome!

  • Cecilia Davidson

    Lol, tell us how you really feel about so many Western Christians xD

  • Kirby Collins

    You are right to a point. Many people who confess to be a “western” christian take a lot for granted and live a life for themselves without ever asking God what He had planned for their lives even before conception. But some of us don’t think like that. Some of us don’t keep God in a box or behind the four walls of a building. We see the hurt in the world and walk out Gods love in flesh and blood even though it hurts like hell… we live the life God gave us rather than the one the world offers us. Someday I would love to talk to you again David and apologize personally for the things done wrong to you by the church… that’s all… I love you man. Have a great week.

  • Al Cruise

    Had a talk with an evangelical fundamentalist last week, and they said in order to be saved you must accept Jesus as your personal savior, and verbally say so publicly. When I asked what about all the people born before Christian theology, or where Christian theology is not present, they wouldn’t give an answer just said “that’s what the bible says” and walked away.

  • Gary

    LOL – Of course they did. Logical questions have no place in fundamentalism.

  • René

    Religion is never your own, faith can be.

  • René

    Haha, exactly .. I always go there as well : Hmm, but the first time Christians were called that was about 400 years AFTER Jesus.It throws of people doesn’t it ? xD

  • Let all the people say, “Amen!”
    — Psalm 106:48

    (and it ain’t often that I quote scripture)

  • m. castleberry

    Yes! Whenever I ask a logical question on a blog (not the best example, I know) of someone who has previously been actively defending their fundamentalist view of Christianity, somehow the conversation just dies there.

    Also, logic isn’t the same as “biblical logic”.

  • Gary

    No doubt. “Biblical logic” is a very peculiar animal indeed which seldom bears any similarity to regular logic.

  • modlib

    In fairness, logic generally merely refers to a line of thinking that adheres to a set of predetermined parameters. Biblical logic may be just as “logical” as any other logic, so long as it conforms to the parameters established by it’s core assumptions.
    Like Economics, almost anything can be explained as logical so long as you control the assumptions going in to the chain of thought.

  • Gary

    The point being that often those who employ this “biblical logic” (fundamentalists primarily) often completely disregard the basic parameter of intellectual honesty. I Understand that they consider this a necessary sacrifice for their faith, but it also serves to remove any claim to genuine logic.

  • BrotherRog

    The unexamined faith …. isn’t much of one. – Roger Wolsey

    author, Kissing Fish: christianity for people who don’t like christianity.

  • Mark

    As with evolution. The literalists argue that it’s belief in something from nothing, when that’s exactly what Adam and Eve is, and what God is.

  • Mark

    But what if God doesn’t have a plan for each of us? It’s hard for me to believe that God put my uncle here to be gay and spend his life getting discriminated against and abused for it. And equally hard for me to believe God meant for my uncle to undergo some magic therapy to be converted to “normal” so that the good Christians could accept him. I think we are what we are, and maybe the “plan” is for everyone to figure out we need to – as you say – love and take care of each other. My neighbor and his wife would pray over what job to take, what car to buy… while my wife and I had discussions and came to an agreement on what we thought would work out best for us. I see it as the same thing in the end.

  • This is a nice Calvinist prayer.

    But Evangelical apologist William Lane Craig (who pretends to believe in free will) wrote a TERRIBLE article where he argues that God foreknew that all people born in non-Christians would reject Christ so that their just fate is eternal hell:

    What are your thoughts on that?

  • Gary

    Yes great point. The belief that one should be allowed a different standard of reason simply because they claim to represent God is an artificial construct.

  • Brigitte
  • Kirby Collins

    Hey Mark. I am sorry that your uncle has had to go through crap all his life for being gay but that wasn’t Gods plan for his life. I think Gods only plan is to love us and for each of us to love Him . Life just happens around us in that journey. We are born of free will into a world of chaos and sometimes we are born into all kinds of crap that sticks with us whatever that may be. That is life and it does seem pretty screwed up at times but in the end you have to believe or not believe in something and I have seen some amazing things that God has done in my life to make me believe He loves me and wants to fix that broken relationship He started out with in the beginning of time. As for your uncle.. I can only speak for myself but if I met him I would love him as a person… for who he is… and not expect him to undergo any magicial therapy to accept him. In the end I am not here to judge or push my beliefs upon anyone but i just want to let people know that there is a God out there that loves them no matter what. Thanks for the opportunity to share.