theological progression or regression?

theological progression or regression? October 3, 2013
theological progress cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
“Theological Progression?” (by nakedpastor David Hayward)

I talk about this idea quite a bit in my Z Theory.

The biblical story, as diversified as it is theologically, still presents, in my opinion, a unified idea that God emptied himself into Jesus, that Jesus left and sent the Spirit in his stead, and that the Spirit is now represented in the loving human collective.

It is like the waterfalls dream I had in which I knew that above the rim was an infinite source, yet it continually poured itself out over the rim to be made manifest in the waterfalls. The falls is the incarnation of the source that continually empties itself yet does not lose itself. The unknowable unknown is know the knowable known revealed, in the Christian narrative, in Christ. Christ then disseminates himself in the Spirit in the loving human collective. The water spreading out over the land is the diaspora, the integration of the source, now revealed, in all people. The human collective of love is the assimilation and application of the source for the benefit of all.

I suggest that much of religion, including Christianity, is preoccupied with preserving a theological paradigm that keeps us from fulfilling our duty and destiny as responsible, loving and equal human beings in the world.

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  • I love this graphic! Sharing, thanks.

  • Cecilia Davidson

    The last comment is extremely telling, though, of our current state and understanding of life

  • Two thumbs up!

  • I love the depiction of the Holy Ghost :=)

    But I know that, as he is understood by Evangelicals, He cannot exist.

    For otherwise we would see clear differences between the behavior of Christians and non-Christians.

    However we fail to see that. Therefore, the Holy Ghost is either inactive or he acts in people of every religion and worldview in the same way.

  • I believe there is a difference between Chrsitians and others – if we define Christians right.
    Some define Christians as “everyone who say they are Christians.” That is a terrible definition – we don’t believe people are trustworthy, or smart, or handsome, or the Queen of England, or thin, or almost anything else, because they say they are. We look for other evidence.

  • True enough.

    What should this evidence be?

    2013/10/7 Disqus

  • Well, “Christian” has the root word “Christ” and the suffix “-ian” , so I suggest someone is a Christ-ian (Christ-follower, Christ-like character) when he acts according to what he thinks is Christ-like.