Apparently Jesus is taking it all personal

Apparently Jesus is taking it all personal January 18, 2014

jesus takes it personal cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Hehe. You can get this cartoon print and many others in my shop!

It’s amazing to me how refined everyone’s definitions and requirements are becoming. It’s almost like you can’t have one word out of place.

Plus, Jesus and his Father are taking everything so personally these days and getting offended over the least little thing.

So look out!

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  • Al Cruise

    Excellent! According to the fundies if you live in India or China and you are a kind loving, compassionate person, and you try to make your community a better place out of love for others and because you know it’s the right thing to do, if you haven’t said those words, you will be going straight to hell. I wonder will the fundies get to watch and dance for joy while Jesus does this?

  • Looks like a Chick tract.

  • Herro

    Well. In Matthew 7:21-23 you have Jesus telling us that people who call Jesus “Lord” and think that they’ve done miracles in Jesus name will not get into heaven (and thus will be thrown into the furnace of fire).

    So being thrown into the fire of hell for not getting it exactly right is something we can see Jesus preach in the New testament. So the Jesus of this cartoon is rather similar himself in the gospel of Matthew.

  • Herro

    I note one minor difference: The eminent theologian Jack Chick always has an *angel* throwing people into hell (probably because that’s what Jesus says in the KJV!) 😉

  • Al Cruise

    So do you agree that the cartoon is theological correct and is the inerrant truth ?

  • Herro

    Al, I don’t quite understand what “theological correct” is supposed to mean. And “No”, I don’t think that the cartoon reflects the actual world. (although it’s very similar to what Jesus preaches in the gospel of Matthew).

  • Al Cruise

    Ok I think I get what your saying. The question then becomes, is what is reported in the Bible as what Jesus preached accurate? I do not feel it is all accurate.

  • Herro

    I don’t think that the four gospels are trustworthy. So while Jesus might have said stuff like this, I don’t think we can know.

  • klhayes

    I follow this fb page of a spiritual guru and she wrote “God cannot take away all your problems yadda yadda”….the point was that God gives us the ability to figure out how to deal with them. OMG all the post talking about you “God and cannot” do not go to together! People totally missed the point.

  • Al Cruise


  • Awesome. I hope you don’t mind I borrowed an image of yours for my latest blog post:
    It seemed appropriate.

  • Do you have to say the words in English?

  • Al Cruise

    Yes , it’s preferred if it’s said with a southern slang, however there is lots of pressure coming from the Pacific northwest to use their dialect. They argue it’s more theologically correct.