church and bible as old married couple

church and bible as old married couple January 19, 2014

the church and the bible as an old married couple cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

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Cute. I hope poignant. But I also hope a helpful analogy illustrating the relationship between the two.

The Lasting Supper

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  • Caryn LeMur

    What a beautiful and gentle cartoon! Yet… what a truth!

    So many churches do just what you are saying ‘tune out half … and take the other half with a grain of salt’. How a church prioritizes the scriptures, and then determines which scriptures ‘govern’ and/or dominate their conduct is key to their relationship with the Bible, and also with each other as fellow believers.

    Hugs! Caryn

  • I think that this picture sums up the situation in a wonderful way.

    As I have pointed out, conservative Evangelicals (but not liberals) are those who can be accused of “picking and choosing” in an irrational way.
    Since the Bible (considered as a whole) is hopelessly contradictory, an Evangelical is always going to have to (unwittingly) choose which texts to interpret properly and which texts he has to distort .

    I don’t believe that <a href="books within the Bible are more inspired than books outside the Canon and think that God can use both in the same way to bring about good fruits.

    I would be thankful if someone could give me links towards sermons or articles going in the same (sinful) direction.


  • Hello Caryn.
    As I pointed out in my comment above, I don’t think it is possible to take the whole Bible seriously, owing to its self-contradictory nature.

    The question one should ask should be rather: How are we to take Jesus seriously?

    Lovely greetings from Europe