Duck Died Nasty

Duck Died Nasty January 31, 2014

duck died nasty cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Maybe the real question is “Will Duck Die Nasty?”

Ratings are down.

Did they hang themselves?

Has the public spoken?

Yet to be seen.



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nakedpastor’s goodbye video to patheos

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  • Alex

    Not really. “One week after it fell to its lowest ratings since 2012, A&E’s unscripted dynamo “Duck Dynasty” rebounded some on Wednesday while the net’s new “Wahlburgers” picked up even more steam.

    According to Nielsen, “Duck Dynasty” grew slightly in adults 18-49 rating (2.95 vs. last week’s 2.92) but showed meaningful gains of 10% in adults 25-54 (3.33 vs. 3.02) and 13% in total viewers (7.49 million vs. 6.65 million). Last week’s viewership had plunged 21% from its fifth-season premiere on Jan. 15 (8.88 million), so any kind of uptick is important.

    Among adults 18-49 and other key demos, “Duck” was the No. 1 show on all of television in the 10 o’clock half-hour. It was also Wednesday’s No. 2 program overall in 18-49, behind only Fox’s “American Idol” (3.8 rating).” –Variety (this morning)

  • Will

    All “reality” tv should be abolished for it is the work of Satan on this earth.

  • DoctorDJ

    “Will Duck Die Nasty?” Prob’ly not.
    When it comes to the Amur’can public, aim low.

  • I always consider how dumb the average guy is, then realize that half are dumber than that. 😉

    Fortunately, I hadn’t even heard of the show until this recent foofaraw.

  • Mark

    I once picked up the phrase, “The masses are asses,” and it became my outlook on the general population. Unfortunately, I passed that viewpoint on to my kids. Lately, but maybe not too late, I’ve realized the masses may be ignorant, they may be duped by the giant marketing machine of American business, they may often be rude; but, they are not, in fact asses. They are our brothers and sisters, and they are us. Seeing the masses as asses has largely inoculated me over the years from stepping in to help, and I am trying now to get over that. Judging from some of the comments, a lot of us need to work harder to get over that.

  • Gary


  • Mark

    Even 19 kids and counting? And aren’t televised church services “reality”?