If only prayer was this easy!

If only prayer was this easy! January 22, 2014

vending machine prayer cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

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I’ve heard all these prayer requests. Heck, I’ve used some of them myself.

Some might be wondering what money has to do with it. Have you been to church lately?

We don’t live in a world of magic where if we just say the perfect words and offer the perfect sacrifice we get anything we want.

We talk a lot about prayer… what we used to believe and what we think about it now. Come join the conversation at The Lasting Supper.

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  • Al Cruise

    Had a guy the other day tell my wife he prayed for a good parking spot at the grocery store and God provided him with one.

  • Yeah, that is kind-of like me praying yesterday to get heads when I was flipping a coin and low and behold I got heads. (I just selectively don’t remember the times I got tails). With the right filter, you can see God everywhere.

  • Mark

    I think you’ve got the right idea from the consumer’s perspective. I quit going to the machine because all the items are “unavailable.” If we want “heal my illness” we need a good doctor. Although, as we all know, sometimes the best doctor still can’t heal the illness. And God isn’t going to come in out of left field at the last moment and to it.

    It amazes me to hear people talk about God healing their headaches, or finding them a better job. Have they never been on a children’s cancer ward? Are they really so arrogant to believe that God’s “plan” for them is life and God’s “plan” for some parents’ two year old with leukemia is “tough shit”? Maybe the cancer children’s parents didn’t have enough faith? Or not enough friends with faith.

    “Please put us on the prayer list” is my euphemism for “please be thinking about us” and “we’ll be praying for you” works for me because someone is telling me they care. But I’ve given up the fairy tale that God intervenes.

    You struck a bit of a nerve on this one.

  • Mark

    Yes. I’ve heard that, too – from the wife of a preacher! Stupid God can find a parking spot for a fat lady who’s too lazy to walk a few yards, but couldn’t end the fighting in Kosovo! Yeah, baby, that’ll sure get me to church!

  • Mark

    Thing is, Jeff, I believe God is everywhere. God just isn’t the God most of us think God is – the white haired guy on a throne granting favors and sending billions to Auschwitz – I mean, Hell.