If Jesus had a tattoo is this what it would be?

If Jesus had a tattoo is this what it would be? February 4, 2014
jesus tattoo cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
“Jesus Tattoo” (nakedpastor)

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  • Elexa Dawson

    I have a question… When did it become a ‘thing’ to glorify the symbol of the cross? I’m wondering; if Jesus had been born later and killed by gunfire execution, would we all be wearing guns around our necks? It’s kinda morbid when you think about it. We remember him by his murder weapon.

  • ranfran
  • Steelwheels

    Bummer. I saw the title to this post and had hoped it was about Rev. 19:16. Oh well.

  • Gun Nordström

    Many Christians as well as Atheists do not accept the New Age movement pointing out (just like the Masters have done) the importance of finding the light within. That light makes us see that we are (no creatures needing anyone dying on a cross to make us what we are) already capable of building a Paradise on Earth by taking responsibility for what we are creating. The leaders within organized religions have made people believe in images of angry gods demanding all sorts of sacrifices “as no one can live up to what that image wants of us”. The believers are of course creating what they are told by the leaders to believe in, and so they lower themselves to abuse and slavery. Sooner or later every enslaved will know that he/she is the only one who can make themselves free from any slavery. When you are free of all leaders, free of all teachings, your mind will begin learning and you will be passionate to find out for yourself.

    Nobody can teach us how to be free. However by getting a spirit of dedication we can find out what pure observation of one´s thoughtprocess means. Is it possible to be in a state, where the thought is free from measuring and comparing (free from the me)? In an absolute silence of the mind we might get a new comprehension of the wholeness of life. From an awareness, where life is sacred, we might treat all things as sacred.

  • Teresa Hester

    I thought he had one on his thigh!