statistical analysis of all the people in hell for being gay

statistical analysis of all the people in hell for being gay February 19, 2014

gays in hell cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Some people and even some denominations and churches who used to believe being gay was a sin have now relaxed on that. Or saw the light.

Now they say if you can’t help being gay you can at least help acting gay. You won’t go to hell for being gay but you will for acting gay. That is, sexually you may be gay but you can’t have gay sex.

Some are getting around this too though by saying that if you are gay and act gay, if you repent and get forgiveness then you’re okay. I’m not sure how many times this is allowed.

But I think in time many of them will relax on this too. Or see the light.

Many of the members of The Lasting Supper are gay and have found a safe place to process this along with their spirituality. You’re welcomed to pull up a chair at our table!

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  • This line is so funny:

    “I’m not sure how many times this is allowed.”

    Thank you for this!

  • Cecilia Davidson

    (Once again with a Canadian joke)
    Seems that the gays have to repent and apologize more than the stereotyped Canucks, according to some preachers.

  • You could have left off “for being gay” and made an even stronger point.

  • Christianity doesn’t teach that you go to Hell for any kind of sin, including being or acting gay. You go to Hell for rejecting God.

  • pray tell, davereed, how does one reject your god if your god is everywhere and all loving?

  • Raymond Watchman

    There is no “gay” issue. There is just a “promiscuity” issue. And even then, God is only interested in healing the cause, not simply condemning the symptom or trying to cover it with a band-aid of pietism. The sexual orientation and/or genre of the person is irrelevant. So is the Gospel if we self-righteously strip it of compassion.

  • So I’m listening to “You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful” by One Direction on ambient radio as I read this post. Very appropriate…

  • Raymond Watchman

    Ooops. Sorry davereed. My remarks were intended as a general comment, not a reply to yours. Cheers.

  • I’m not sure I understand your question. Your phrasing seems to assume that if God is everywhere and all-loving that he is therefore un-rejectable. God is indeed everywhere and all-loving; we reject him by rejecting his love and the very notion of him altogether. Practicing sin is a consequence of this rejection, but it is not the cause of anyone going to Hell; it is just a symptom.

  • instead of lines and lines of sound bytes, why don’t you just tell us what sect of Christianity or some other flavor of theism you adhere to. Then we will know within knot of theology your words take meaning.

    Tell us HOW one rejects God in your theology. Is it by a belief, a lack of a belief? You say sin is a consequence, so Christians reject God too then. Ah theologies abound — one for every believer.

  • Gary

    I believe the concept of hell is one of the greatest perversions religion has ever created.

  • You seem opposed to the very idea of expressing ideas about God, as if the fact that opinions can differ automatically invalidates all opinions.

    The very point of this blog and others like it is that we can and do express our opinions.

    I’m certainly not going to convince you otherwise in this forum post, but I stand by my original contention, that the Bible teaches that sin is not what sends people to Hell, but rejecting God. You can find a lot of language to this effect in the Bible, especially the works of Paul. I hope you have a good day.

  • Nah, but words only have meanings if the two people using them agree on their use. And difference in theology guarantees very different uses.

    So don’t tell us your sect. But by saying “the Bible teaches…” we can already see your playground more clearly.

  • Yep, you are correct, I am interested in what the Bible teaches.

  • Yep, you are incorrect in understanding my points. But that is fine. Carry on the good battle.

  • But there are people in Hell! It’s a tourist attraction now. But there are still smoldering garbage pits in India.

  • The pagan Nordic goddess Hell isn’t really in the Bible. It got inserted to take the place of a valley or a greek god. So you believe in Zeus’ brother Hades? Will that three-headed dog Cerberus be there too?

  • khigg

    It what the Bible says about sexual perversion, not what man says. 1Co 6:9, “Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality,”
    Now, how many homos will be in hell?

  • Gary

    You have got to be kidding me. You come into a progressive blog spouting your grade school level of biblical understanding and blatant bigotry? Take your fucking trolling some place else.

  • khigg

    So, you are telling me the Bible, God’s Word, means nothing to you? O’ rebellious generation.

  • There are several approaches to getting around 1 Cor 6:9.

    (1) Cherry pick the Bible for your favorite sweet verses — to see Jesus and God the way you want to.

    (2) Argue translation details: Here, malakoi & arsenokoitai are key. Try to build your own favorite theology.

    (3) Argue limitations of writers: Paul in this case. And thus limitations in authority of scripture.

    (4) Jump ship completely and realize that an ancient text is what it is — and is not a god-book.

    Liberal Christians, khigg, take one or more of those approaches. Wouldn’t you agree? Not sure what Gary’s tack is? But don’t worry, khigg, Gary does not run this blog. David allows all sorts of voices here.

  • Gary

    I see your willingness to make up whatever shit you want concerning my views is very consistent with your willingness to make up whatever shit you want concerning what the bible actually says.

  • Gary

    Oh Sabio…ever the great condescending self appointed friend to the oppressed.


  • Oh Gary. I remember the first on-line photo I saw that you post of yourself where you were posing on a motorcycle. It is so consistent with your spastic cursing and playing blog master on someone else’s blog. Hilarious signs of someone so desperate to say, “I am a tough guy.”

  • khigg

    There is no cherry picking verse, I could use countless passages to make the point. God’s Word says what it says and we should not read into what we want it to say. Homosexuality is a sin and there is no getting around it. All sinners, unless they repent, will go to hell.

  • Khigg, you misunderstand me. I don’t envision you as a liberal Christian at all. You aren’t , are you? Instead, look back at my list, I am talking about how Liberal Christians can have their cake and eat it too.

    BTW, in your world, I will certainly burn in Hell.

  • khigg

    Yes, we all will burn in hell unless we forsake our sin and ask Christ to forgive those sins. If you have not done that I would encourage you to do so. My desire is the same as God’s that none should perish, but that all come to repentance. Please forsake your sin and accept the forgiveness of Christ.

  • I did that once, khigg, but I no longer believe there is a god or Jesus floating out in space any more. So I am hellbound in the worse way. Oh well.

    Good luck getting to others before they burn like me.

  • Gary

    Not clear in the least. In fact…the biblical case against your view is far stronger. You apparently have not even bothered to look into the issue beyond the most superficial and shallow level.

  • I wager there is no “one biblical view” on homosexuality. I imagine all the various authors and editors had lots of different view. And I’d be shocked if many of them were not anti-homosexual.

  • Gary

    How you insult me in one post, and then comment again towards me in the next as if I actually give a fuck what you think is…amusing.

  • khigg

    There are none so blind as he who will not see. I am so sorry you are so blind to the Word of God.

  • Gary

    Still operating in the world of blind assumptions and pithy catch phrases I see. Until you are willing to engage your intellect and actually examine key issues like this one, your religion will never be anything but a cage and your bible nothing but an idol to be worshipped in blindness.