Who Wants to Host Convocations?

Who Wants to Host Convocations? October 26, 2016

Photo Copyright Kishgraphics
Photo Copyright Kishgraphics

While CUUPS was celebrating the return of continental convocations, I threw out the question at the board roundtable, the invitation for chapters and churches in the UUA arena to host events with CUUPS. Attendees jumped at the idea! So after board discussion, we chose to create an outline on what is needed and wanted for these events as well as, inviting the membership and chapters on the ballot to throw their hat in the ring.

The idea is to create and put into action convocations that move around the country and create a five-year plan of where they will be and who will be hosting. This will give us time to contact and book speakers from the UU Pagan and larger Pagan communities to share and talk about the work they are doing. We can also plan social justice projects in the regions we meet in as a way of supporting hosts in making a difference in their own communities. Best of all, the longer we plan out the easier it is to book venues.

Currently, I have put together a form for hosts to fill out and share their thoughts, and ideas that they would love to create. The form has important things to think about from lodging, meals, speakers, and more. By moving convocation around the country, we can to enjoy our full community of change-makers and earth lovers.

So far, there are groups in the Florida, California, South East and Mid-West areas interested. As the Salem group did, this is also an opportunity for many chapters to come together and create an event. You will work with the VP of Communications for coaching, support with speakers and details.

Convocations are successful opportunities to learn about your chapter and region of the country, all while supporting CUUPS Continental in its work with the UUA and our place in the world in the larger Pagan community. It is an opportunity to be of service, in service and served!

So who is in? If you are interested, email convo@cuups.org. Once we have all of the election ballots in and compile a list of the interested groups, I will send a link for the form to fill out with your ideas, and preliminary plans. On behalf of the board, I thank you in advance for participating. I am excited to see your plans!

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