What Would You Ask a UUA President Candidate?

What Would You Ask a UUA President Candidate? January 10, 2017
UU World: The Rev. Alison Miller, the Rev. Jeanne Pupke, and the Rev. Susan Fredrick-Gray at the UU Minister's Association Presidential Candidates Action held prior to General Assembly.
UU World: The Rev. Alison Miller, the Rev. Jeanne Pupke, and the Rev. Susan Fredrick-Gray at the UU Minister’s Association Presidential Candidates Action held prior to the 2016 General Assembly.

This June at the 2017 New Orleans General Assembly, congregational delegates will be electing the next President of the Unitarian Universalist Association, whose term will go into 2023.

While CUUPS, as an organization, does not have any voting delegates in this; some of our members will be serving as delegates for their home congregations and most members can offer advice to the delegates for their own congregations.
In the next few weeks CUUPS will be sending a few questions to the three candidates – and then we’ll post the results. We would like your input on what those questions should be.
Here are the Presidential candidates with each linked to a UU World article on them.
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  • How can we nurture spiritual depth in a denomination where members have such a wide variety of theistic, non-theistic, and agnostic beliefs?

  • Many if not most UUs share Paganism’s love of Nature. But there are some who are vocally uncomfortable with Paganism when it involves witchcraft and polytheism. What are your thoughts on the role of Paganism within Unitarian Universalism, and the place of UUs who practice magic and worship many Gods?

  • Helmsman Of-Inepu

    Many of those people don’t have anyone nearby who shares their religion, and feel a need for allies in the approaching political climate. How can UU congregations be more welcoming to them?

  • Your Religion and Politics sound one in the same. Yours a good question and my question to all the candidates then would be is UUism identical with Progressive Politics. And if that’s the case, why then not disolve the UUA or morph it into a Progressive Political Organization?

  • Equinox1

    My question for the candidates: We UU’s have, at times, spoken up against white privilege, male privilege, and straight privilege – bravely rejecting the cowardly idea that doing so would somehow “not be welcoming” to whites, males and straight people. However, UU’s often tacitly (and even openly) support Christian privilege. At a time when Christian privilege is widely supported and used to elect bigots, will you call out Christian privilege by name, and open our doors to everyone – Christian and non-Christian – who oppose privilege of all kinds in our society? Will you change UU to make it welcoming to the increasing numbers of people of all ages who are looking for places in our society free of Christian (and montheistic) privilege?

  • Helmsman Of-Inepu

    Not necessarily. Regardless of people’s economic politics, a climate of “Aggressive Evangelical Christian Rule” can be threatening to anyone who isn’t an evangelical Christian, or to anyone who isn’t a monogamous heterosexual.