Goodreads Review of Her Justice by Nasheed Jaxson

Goodreads Review of Her Justice by Nasheed Jaxson February 25, 2016

Her Justice (Romance-Drama Muslim Fiction)Her Justice by Nasheed Jaxson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Nasheed Jaxson packed HER JUSTICE with desire, drama, and trauma. I am a sucker for flawed heroes and lovable villains, and Jaxson gave me quite a fix. The main characters are far from perfect, and I went back and forth loving and hating them. Jaxson also did a good job keeping HER JUSTICE exciting by not disappointing on the passion or action.

The love scenes, although tame by modern romance standards, contain enough sensuality to satisfy romance readers without shocking a potentially more conservative audience. The chemistry between the two main lovers, Justice and Naimah, conveys a sensual dialogue that many might assume is absent in a Muslim marriage. The seduction scenes, where Audria attempts to entice Justice, were equally satisfying.

Jaxson also provides readers with a lot of action that serves as a backdrop to the romance. Driven by their passions, both Audria and Justice engage in some questionable and even criminal behavior that not only endangers those around them but also has deadly results. Even the most “innocent” of the characters, Naimah is not always pristine in her doings, and all of the characters pay a price for their actions.

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