NbA Muslims Authors Speak – Sahar Abdulaziz

NbA Muslims Authors Speak – Sahar Abdulaziz March 3, 2016

I get to review their books; now, I have a chance to talk to them about their craft! Watch me and author Sahar Abdulaziz as we discuss the power behind and consequences resulting from keeping secrets. Abdulaziz will share how she uses fiction as social commentary about family and societal dysfunctions we desperately try to avoid.

Learn more about Sahar Abdulaziz:

SaharAbdulaziz uses her writing platform and voice to advocate for the underrepresented, the disenfranchised and/or maligned. Her multidimensional characters have been described as having “substance and soul”. Author of The Broken Half, As One Door Closes, But You LOOK Just Fine, The Dino Flu, as well as the recently published novel, Secrets That Find Us, Abdulaziz again demonstrates that those who have suffered abuse are not victims, but survivors. Represented by Booktrope Publishers


Twitter: @Sahar_author

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