3 Stories – 3 Giveaways: Muslim Authors Support New Author

3 Stories – 3 Giveaways: Muslim Authors Support New Author August 6, 2018

By NbA Muslims Team

One of the main reasons why NbA Muslims founder, Layla Abdullah-Poulos launched this platform was to support and promote art, culture and social issues. “We should all be each other’s cheerleaders,” said Abdullah-Poulos during a Muslimah Writers summit interview.

Check out Lyndell Williams stories

Under her pseudonym, Lyndell Williams, she had 3 short stories published in the collection Shades of BWWM. The anthology features stories involving Black women and White men as love interests. The stories touch multiple genres. her stories include

  • Second Chance (romance);
  • My Hearts Tranquility (erotica), and
  • The Reluctant Alpha (paranormal).

To celebrate her latest publication, the Abdullah-Poulos interviewed Muslim authors Zara J., Nasheed Jaxson and Umm Juwayriyah on Facebook Live during the publisher, Love Journey Books’ release party.

Topics included:

  1. Writing outside one’s gender
  2. The importance of short stories
  3. Interracial romance
  4. Erotic content

Lyndell Williams is also hosting 3 giveaways of the authors’ books. She is giving multiple copies of :

American Boy by Zara J.

Click image for the giveaway.

Temptation seemed oh-so-tasty until American Muslim Entertainment’s new IT Boy, Umar, gets hit with reality when his sins with an unequally yoked intern, Celine, surfaces as a precious pregnancy. As if the shameful act wasn’t enough, Celine’s determination to have the family she never had as a child brings much-unwanted attention to Umar’s prominent career, resulting the religious entertainment company to have him under close surveillance. Celine agrees to keep the pregnancy discreet, but when Umar’s childhood crush, Tara, returns to town the battle for his heart begins.  ∼Amazon Description

Her Justice by Nasheed Jaxson

Click image for the giveaway.

Do you know how it feels to lose the love of your life? The beautiful and powerful business investor, Audria Cox, knows exactly how it feels to lose the man that gave her everything; and for that reason, she’s willing to do anything to stop it from happening again. In fact, Audria has set her sights on her therapist and desperately desires to gain his heart. There’s only one problem, Audria’s grief counselor, Justice Lowe, is not only very handsome, caring, and the most spiritual man she knows; Justice is also very married. ∼Amazon Description

Tried and Tested by Umm Juwayriyah

Click image for the giveaway.

A teenage Iman Johnson left home over a decade ago to follow behind a street loving hustler who promised her the world. When that world became too much for her to endure, mentally and physically, she found herself back in Pittsburgh, PA at her Muslim mother’s doorstep seeking refuge. But will the Muslim family and community that she’d turned her back on years ago be ready to finally accept her or has too much time, emotions, hurt, and secrets built up between them to overcome? ∼Amazon Description


Click the images or below to enter for a chance to win.

American Boy Giveaway

Her Justice Giveaway

Tried and Tested Giveaway

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Website https://laylawriteslove.com/

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