Muslims Make Their Mark at New York Comic Con

Muslims Make Their Mark at New York Comic Con October 16, 2018

Originally posted in About Islam

by Layla Abdullah-Poulos

NEW YORK – New York Comic Con is one of the world’s largest cultural convenings with attendance reaching up to 180,000 over the convention’s 3-days. The 2018 convention—held October 4thto 7th—brought over $100 million dollars in revenue into the New York City economy.

This year, Muslims joined their fellow creatives to share their talents and assert their unique voices.

For the first time in the convention’s history, there was an all-Muslim panel discussing anime, comics, fandom, and Muslim culture.

Moderated by State University of New York (SUNY) Rockland professor, Shamika Mitchell, Ph.D., the panel, “Salaam Nerds & Geeks: Islam, Fandom, Comics & Popular Culture” hosted a range of artists and cultural critics sharing their perspectives on US Muslim creative culture.

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