The Bible In Context – series

The Bible In Context – series October 14, 2022

This series focuses on the question of whether there is anything worth believing in the Bible, and is it credible. Each will find what they want to believe.

The series includes these articles

We have to study hard and prove in our lives that the way God has shown us is right and other ways are wrong. We’re able to choose either. We learn from both. – Bible and Religion – What To Believe?

For people who want to be led by the ways God has shown us, they can read portions of the Bible and find God has breathed life into the words. For those who have their own agenda when reading the Bible, distorted perception is not reality. It’s the path to insanity and ruin. – Biblical Context, It’s Everything

If we don’t keep our attention on context, religion becomes about being an institution or about reflecting what we want as individuals. – Biblical context – toward a philosophy of Christian belief – Part 1

The Apostles didn’t have the New Testament to refer to. They wrote it as they communicated with churches and Christians. God breathes life into it as we read. God can do the same for us through an article. – Biblical context – toward a philosophy of Christian belief – Part 2

When we interpret the Bible or any other religious text, we should start our perspective from the context of God. Before drilling down into the nitty gritty details of religion and doctrine, we need a good grounding in the nature of God. We can start with, “God is love,” and leave passing judgment others to God. – Context of God

The Bible tells us stories of peoples’ relationship with God and what they thought God asks of us. Some will never believe no matter how much proof there is. Some will find every word relevant in some way. God can speak to us through today’s news or any other way. – Bible Credibility In Context


The standard of belief and conduct for Christianity is love. Legal standard.


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Our answer is God. God’s answer is us. Together we make the world better.

– Dorian

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