Fall-Winter Theme – Practical Spirituality

Fall-Winter Theme – Practical Spirituality September 23, 2023

Wait, wait! There’s another surgery in early October. One that will end a 30 year odyssey of spiking, nearly uncontrollable blood pressure.

Angel, Pixabay 2237226, CCL
Angel, Pixabay 2237226, CCL

After that, God willing, this column will focus on what I call the “proximate spiritual.” That’s the spiritual that is close at hand and an expression in the world of our individual spirituality. We’ll delve up to 30% of the time on our spiritual influences. But mostly get into how we live our spiritual influences in the real world.

Articles will appear here with links to my corresponding Substack podcast and Youtube videos.

Practical spirituality series

Spirituality is realized through our connections with the universe, God, and others. It is a reflection of our desire to be part of something bigger than ourselves and also to understand ourselves better. It’s a source of inspiration and awe at the magnitude of the magnificence of what is larger than us.

It’s objective in that everyone can legitimately experience these connections. It’s subjective in that we are all unique individuals and the emphasis or content is different for everyone. It is both separate from religion but compatible with religion. It can enrich religion and religion can enrich it.

Spirituality transcends in a direct and practical way the self through our interaction with the world. It transcends through a transcendent connection with the greater universe and God. Transcendence of both direct and ethereal broadens our mind and stimulates and informs creativity. Through these we improve ourselves and our world.

How Spirituality Can Benefit Your Health and Well-Being By Elizabeth Scott, PhD https://www.verywellmind.com/how-spirituality-can-benefit-mental-and-physical-health-3144807

What Does Spirituality Mean To Us? A study of spirituality in the United States https://spiritualitystudy.fetzer.org/

Science related study of both practical and transcendent spirituality by Dorian. Substack articles and podcasts: https://dorianscottcole.substack.com/

“Modern usages tend to refer to a subjective experience of a sacred dimension and the “deepest values and meanings by which people live”, often in a context separate from organized religious institutions. This may involve belief in a supernatural realm beyond the ordinarily observable world, personal growth, a quest for an ultimate or sacred meaning, religious experience, or an encounter with one’s own “inner dimension”. Rabbi Dr. Eric Lankin has noted “Spirituality is a personal quest for the transcendent, how one discerns life’s meaning in relation to God and other human beings. Healthy spirituality fosters healthy relationships and affirms all of life’s experiences as part of the journey.””  Spirituality (Wikipedia). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spirituality

Planned topics for 2023-2024

Collective influences and efforts

  • Fairness in opportunities for creatives, performing arts, and others
  • Justice
  • Fairness and equality
  • Economic and governmental systems
  • Etc.

Individual influences and efforts

  • Meaning and purpose
  • Aspects of sexuality
  • Etc.

– Dorian



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