Israeli Palestinian Conflict Serves No One

Israeli Palestinian Conflict Serves No One October 18, 2023

Destroying each other serves no useful purpose.

There is no military solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This is abundantly obvious to anyone familiar with the region’s history over the last 80 years. The only things being accomplished are the deaths of innocent people on both sides, amassing more grievances, and increasing separation. War is counterproductive. It backfires.

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Some of us remember blow by blow what has happened in the ongoing conflict since the 1940s. Both sides have legitimate claims, so fingers can be pointed in both directions. Inhumane actions nearly always result in retaliation and further separation.

Many highly skilled negotiators have tried to bring the PLA (Palestinian Authority) and Israelis conflict to a peaceful resolution. But factions within each group have always rejected well-made plans to settle the conflict. Neither is willing to compromise on certain long-held goals which aren’t worthwhile to mention. The goals aren’t primarily religious, they’re political and redress of grievances.

Other major countries provide support to each side which ensures the conflict will continue. This isn’t to say that either side hasn’t the right to defend themselves.

The original humanitarian plan for Jews settling in Palestine was for the UN to oversee a non-political state in a region with a weak government. It worked. Suffice it to say that this blossomed into a bigger idea and conflict ensued. There are pros and cons to this development. New goals are not an excuse for conflict.

The area is home to three major religions inspired by Abraham: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The fighting between these groups is not an appropriate reflection of Abrahamic religion, love, or Godliness. It’s just the opposite. It’s a shining example to the world of what not to be.

Both sides want to live in peace and deserve peace. They should get about the business of making peace and living with each other peacefully.

 Our answer is God. God’s answer is us. Together we make the world better.

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