What if? Can We Change the World?

What if? Can We Change the World? January 1, 2024
It’s that time of year when we set goals … and most fail. Let’s make it happen!
This is the most wonderful of all ages in our world to live. We have maximum comfort, maximum utility, maximum agency, and maximum opportunity. Yet there are huge problems that need to be solved.
Image: You Can Change teh World, Planeta Wiki by Ron Mader on Flickr.
You Can Change the World by Ron Mader on Flickr
You Can Change the World by Ron Mader on Flickr
What if each one of us has the ability to make a small change and change the world? We absolutely do.
If each one of us selected one small thing we could do to change the world, there would be 8 billion people doing something good as individual events, or continuously through the year. There would be 335 million in just the US.
What a different world it would be if we all did this!
This year let’s select one small thing we can do as individuals to make our world better.
Here are some ideas:
How to Change the World: 101 Ideas Big & Small to Leave the World a Better Place Than You Found It. https://growensemble.com/change-the-world/
– Dorian
Our answer is God. God’s answer is us. Together we make the world better.
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