10 Incredible Things That Happen When We Invite Someone to Church

10 Incredible Things That Happen When We Invite Someone to Church August 20, 2018

Alexis Brown

Something as small as inviting someone to come to church with you can make a huge impact, not just on the person being invited but on the church as a whole. How the person responds is up to them and God, but when we’re faithful to invite others to come to church with us, ten incredible things happen:

1. We buy into the mission of making disciples of all nations. The mission hasn’t changed through the countless generations that have been faithful to it. We can say we believe in the mission of making disciples all we want, but it’s something else entirely to take the first step of inviting someone to come to church with us.

2. Everyone participates and unites around a common purpose. The one thing that Jesus specifically prayed for when interceding for future believers in John 17 is that we would be one, that we would be united. When we all invite others to church, we’re united around a common purpose.

3. Inviters come to church more often. When we invite others to church, we’re more likely to show up to church ourselves to make sure we’re there when our invitees decide to show up!

4. Inviters see church differently. When you invite someone to church, you take a vested interest in their experience and you begin to see church from their perspective. Your mindset moves from a consumer to a contributor. 

5. Inviters share their Jesus story more often. Not every invitation to church ends up with an opportunity to share your faith, but those who actively invite have a much higher probability of seeing a witnessing opportunity develop.

6. Inviters experience the fulfillment of the Great Commission. Not only do we buy into the mission of making disciples, we experience the sense of purpose, fulfillment and meaning that comes when we participate in God’s divine mission to redeem souls throughout the world.

7. Services have more energy and excitement. This benefit is simple but worth mentioning. When more people invite, more people tend to show up, and fuller rooms will always have more energy and excitement than empty rooms.

8. Church attendance grows. The more people come to your church the more people tend to stick around, creating momentum not just for your church services but for every program throughout your church.

9. More opportunities for life transformation. Again, people’s faith is ultimately between them and God, but the more we invite, the more opportunities we help to create for God to get a hold of people’s lives.

10. More movement of the Holy Spirit as we align with the Father’s heart and purpose. God is on a mission to seek and to save the lost. When we align our hearts and passions with God’s heart and passion, we’ll begin to see God show up in more and more tangible ways.

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