A Letter to Evangelical Christians

A Letter to Evangelical Christians November 8, 2012

Dear Evangelical Brothers and Sisters,

I know that you’re still in the throes of angst with the results of the presidential election. While it’s understandable to be disappointed, bitter, and angry, please remember:

1. Jesus wasn’t concerned about politics. In Luke 20, the religious leaders tried to bait Jesus into picking a political side when they asked him about paying taxes to Caesar. They tried to get him to pick a side: Rome or Israel. He confounded them all and refused to be co-opted by a political movement. Jesus isn’t as concerned about Tuesday’s election as you might think he is.

2. Don’t be a bitter Christian. The lost and hurting in this world don’t need you to be bitter and angry. They need you to be a light. Suck it up, be gracious in defeat, and be the hope of the world.

3. Don’t let the demographics of the Republican party become the demographics of the evangelical church. Looking deeper into Tuesday’s vote showed a disturbing trend: Romney got the majority of the white vote and older vote, while Obama got the majority of the young vote and minority vote. Our nation is increasingly young and increasingly racially diverse. If our churches mirror the Republican party (predominately white and old), we will continue to lose influence in America in the years to come.

4. Political power isn’t the ultimate answer. We can’t legislate morality. The culture wars of the religious right is a failed experiment. Politics shouldn’t be our ultimate hope; Jesus should. This election did not change that fact.

5. Take that negative energy that you might focus on the president and use it to build God’s Kingdom. If you’re angry, don’t get angry at a person or a party, get angry at sin. Instead of being a part of the problem, be a part of the solution. A political party has never saved someone, but Jesus has. Work with Jesus to save some people these next four years.

6. Democrats shouldn’t have the corner on social justice. The church should. The church should be the ones championing the cause of the poor, the widow, and the orphan. Don’t allow a political party to take what should be the responsibility of the church. Be a part of a church that helps “the least of these.”

7. If you’re truly mad, unplug. Don’t vent your frustrations on social media. Facebook and Twitter don’t need to forever digitally record rash statements you made in the heat of emotion. Go hit a pillow or something.

8. Turn off Fox News for awhile. We pretty much know what they’re going to say for the next four years. Be about something better than partisan politics.

9. If we disagree with the president on moral issues (such as abortion), let’s solve the root of the problem. Roe v. Wade isn’t going to be overturned anytime soon. Rather than waiting on the government to legislate morality, let’s help solve the roots of the problem. The majority of abortions happen to younger women who grow up in homes of poverty with poor parental influences. Let’s help build families and offer hope to the fatherless, making the need for abortions irrelevant.

10. Honor your president. As I wrote about yesterday, although we probably didn’t vote for Barack Obama, he is our President. We are commanded to show him the proper honor and respect. Let’s be known for what we’re for (love, honor, respect) rather than what we’re against. Pray for your President and show him honor.

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  • kev

    i disagree with point four and here is why. the government has legislated morality; ever heard of slavery? it was immoral and the president stood for what was right just and moral. it was outlawed by congress. we should elect bible believing, bible following Christians. it is our duty. also your sterotype of fox news is offensive and naive. to watch cnn is to see how perfect every move obama makes as right and just. bad on both sides. we should all pray for him and our country and not follow culture and the young and minority but influence them to walk worthy of the calling of Christ.

    • Hey Kev, thanks for the comments. My intent on #4 was that while political power is good and can achieve much (like abolishing slavery), the ULTIMATE power rests with God, not politics.

      I’m a big fan of Fox News. To be honest, it’s usually the first news channel I turn on when I do watch news. I do prefer them over other news agencies such as CNN and MSNBC, but my point was to allow Fox News to decompress for a little while after the election. After calling the election so handedly for Romney, and being so mistaken, they need to do some soul searching of their own.

      • Kev

        Agreed! All need to take a deep breath on that. My point was we must never oppose scripture and defer to culture as the norm. We are to be a peculiar people not like the rest of the world. I’m afraid the church is reflecting TE world and influencing us instead of the church and its members changing the world. We professing Christian’s embrace sinful positions I wonder what kind of Christianity that is?

      • Jane

        We watched Fox news all evening. I never heard them call it for Romney.

  • Brittany

    Dear Josh,

    I think you have a lot of great things to say here. One question that I have is whether you have considered that some Evangelical Christians voted for President Obama? We are out here! Jesus is also our Lord and Savior. We just also happen to be glad that President Obama was reelected.

    Thanks for the work that you do.

    • Hey Brittany, I do know that many evangelical Christians voted for Obama. Christians were on both sides of the political aisle with this election. This letter was intended for those who voted for Romney. No disrespect for those who voted for Obama. Thanks for the comment!

  • KG

    “the government has legislated morality; ever heard of slavery? it was immoral and the president stood for what was right just and moral. it was outlawed by congress.”

    Funny. There are more slaves in the world today than pre-civil war. About 27 million world wide and over 300,000 in America alone. Yes, it’s illegal, but people do it b/c laws don’t change hearts. That is the point he is making. Making something illegal doesn’t actually make it go away it just makes it where the government can punish people for it.

    • Kev

      So we should legalize slavery and the men who fought for the cause of freedom died in vain. Gotcha.

  • Jerry Philen

    We are all slaves to who we serve. Even as Christians we are slaves to Christ, that is if we choose to serve him. True morality is a fruit of a righteous life. In order to make lasting political change, we need to to see a change of peoples hearts. In order for this to be a christian nation, the people comprising this nation must be born again. There are things I like and dislike in both parties. The problem is not which party is in control, the problem is that the church has given up it’s calling and has allowed the government to step in and try to do the job the church was called to do. At one time the hospitals were owned and ran by non-profit churches; now it is run by profiting corporations. (People actually profiting from the sick.) The church should provide for the needy, orphans, widows, elderly and the unemployed.

    The results of the election indicate that the church needs reach the young with the gosple told in a language that they can understand, while also reaching out to the minorities by showing them Christ through us.

    If the people change, then the government’s agenda will change.

    • Hey Jerry, thanks for the comment. I totally agree. Instead of looking to politics as the ultimate answer (point #4), if the church lived like the church and met the needs of the people, many of our social ills would fall by the wayside. Thanks for the comment!

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