A Really Awkward Way to Introduce Yourself to the New Couple at Church

A Really Awkward Way to Introduce Yourself to the New Couple at Church February 10, 2015

I had it all planned out. John and Jennifer* were a new couple who had come to our church for a few weeks but I hadn’t gotten a chance to meet them. So I found them on Facebook, got my creep on and memorized their names and faces. The following Sunday I was all ready to greet them by name. The only minor detail I forgot was getting the right couple.


So last Sunday I saw a new couple that had just walked past me on their way to worship. I was about 95% sure it was John and Jennifer so I called to them as they walked past me. They hesitated slightly but kept moving. Convinced they hadn’t heard me, I called out to them again by name, this time more confidently. They slowly stopped and turned around with a strange look on their faces. I asked, “Are you John and Jennifer?” They responded, “No, we’re Mike and Amber.* It’s our first time here.”

At that moment I was doing everything to make time go backwards. I looked for Doc’s flux capacitor. I tried the “timeout” thing from Zack Morris of Saved By the Bell. None of it worked. I had just introduced myself to the new couple by confidently calling them by the wrong name.

Now hopefully this story has a happy ending. We laughed about the whole thing, I welcomed them to church, vowed to remember their real names from now on, and Amber even sent me a message later saying they enjoyed the services and planned on coming back.

But yikes, that was awkward!

P.S. I did find John and Jennifer later that morning as well!

* These are not their real names. I do know their real names, believe me.

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