Five for Friday (1.30.15)

Five for Friday (1.30.15) January 30, 2015

5Happy Friday everyone! May your weekend be warm(er) and sunny! Here are five articles to keep you thinking through the weekend.

“American Sniper” and the Christian Worldview – solid article about the movie everyone is talking about!

‘Christian Cleavage’ Probably Isn’t the Problem – great article on modesty and the church.

Why All Comparisons Are Bad and How to Avoid Them – this sets up perfectly the new series we’re starting Sunday!

For Years I Pleaded With God to Make Me Straight, So Why Did My Prayers Go Unanswered? – powerful testimony from someone that grew up with same-sex attractions.

Creative Ways to Finance a Church Facility – This is the article I referenced at Wednesday night’s Conversation about Mosaic Church in Little Rock. They’re doing great work!

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