Two Things to Always Remember About Yourself

Two Things to Always Remember About Yourself January 29, 2015

Earlier this week I made my monthly visit to the Recovery House, an in-patient facility for ladies overcoming drug and alcohol addiction. I always treasure my time there, and this week was no different. While talking with them, I was reminded of two incredibly truths:


1. You’re more important that you think. The ladies went on and on about my sermons, saying that in group therapy on Mondays they always have to share something significant they learned from over the weekend. They said by and large it’s always something from my sermons. They also accused me of being in league with the staff by what I preach, because they told me that everything I preach is directed right at them.

I’ll be honest. I was feeling pretty good right about then. You never realize how much your words can make a positive impact, whether in a sermon or in a conversation. You’re more important than you think.

2. You’re not as important as you think. Immediately after they took me up to the mountaintop they brought me right back down to earth. Four of the ladies went on to tell me about all the spiritual experiences they’ve been having, at other churches. Some are in transition and have a choice on which church to go to. They said they’ll always be thankful for Mt Vernon but they love their new church in town. One girl who I’ve been working with for two months and who started off very hostile to the gospel shared how she got saved this past Sunday! It was just at another church (the nerve)!

It reminded me that as important as I might think I am, I’m just one small piece in God’s puzzle. God’s kingdom and God’s purposes are a whole lot bigger than me.

Remember, you’re more important than you think, and you’re not as important as you think!

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