Five for Friday

Five for Friday October 26, 2012

Here’s a Five for Friday: political edition. I know everyone’s a little tense with the election. Let’s feed the dog that’s barking the loudest this week:

The Politics of Trust – why don’t we trust our politicians anymore?

The Church & Politics = A Mess – great words from a guy (Perry Noble) who tells you how it is.

The Inconsistent Logic of Abortion Rights Advocates – want to get politically touchy? Let’s talk abortion. Great dissection of the flaws behind the abortion rights advocates.

Why is Billy Graham So Involved in the 2012 Elections? – good article. What’s bringing Billy Graham out of retirement?

What am I Doing When I Vote? – what principles should guide you when you enter the voting booth?

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  • as usual, great topics! relevant and helpful. your digest is one i count on weekly! my very quiet, reserved mother once asked a simple question during a discussion of abortion. She said, “What if the embryo/fetus is female? Does SHE have a choice in what to do with HER body?” Even unanswered, especially unanswered, her question shoots to the heart of faulty thinking.