Hooray! Another blogger!

Hooray! Another blogger! August 1, 2012

First, I need to explain my web address. No, I’m not the self-appointed chaplain of the popular TV channel. From glamorizing teenage pregnancy to fulfilling our desperate need to know what Snooki is doing, I think they’ve got their values all figured out. Rather, I’m a pastor at Mt Vernon Church in MS (which is kind of funny, because I’m from CA). Our web address is www.mtvchurch.com, so mtvpastor.com makes sense. If George Washington (that’s a Mt Vernon reference) and Snooki had a love child, and that kid went to church, it would definitely be www.mtvchurch.com.

If I didn’t scare you off with my casual references to history and contemporary culture (with a little God thrown in), then this blog will be for you. I’m a follower of Christ who hasn’t learned it all but has learned enough to pass something along. I’m a life-long church attender who rejects church traditions and stereotypes that have eroded our influence in a fallen world. More than anything, I’m a guy trying to figure out how to live an ancient faith in a modern culture. I want to try and pass on my zeal for life and learning, given to me by an amazing God that saved me. Aim higher in life.

Since I’m a cauldron of contradictions, I’ll write on a whole host of issues. Here’s how I categorize them:

What I’m Learning – Since I’m a life-long learner, I’ll periodically pass on what I’m learning from what I read (A Thousand Words) and other leaders (Leadership Lessons).

What I’m Living – This is simply an ongoing commentary on my life. I’ll write about life as a pastor (Ministry in the Trenches) and epiphanies I glean along the way (Food for Thought).

What I’m Teaching – As a pastor I teach a lot. Many of these posts will be summarized versions of sermons (Biblical Truths) and advice I give on families (Family Matters).

This will be a lot of work, but I relish the challenge. And as with everything, this will be a learning process. I hope you enjoy it and that along the way your spiritual walk with God is strengthened. Aim higher.

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