How to Preach Hope in This Year’s Presidential Election

How to Preach Hope in This Year’s Presidential Election October 13, 2016

clinton-trumpBy even the most pessimistic standards, this election is getting ugly. We’re reaching a new low in political mud slinging that we always assumed was beneath us. It’s hard not to get negative and pessimistic, to want to simply throw in the towel.

But as a preacher of the gospel, whether you fill a pulpit on Sundays or you’re the designated holy person for your group of cubicles at work, you’re called to be a preacher of hope. So how do you find hope in this year’s presidential election? I think the reason so many Christians are distraught at the prospect of someone besides their preferred candidate taking office is because we’ve mistakenly allowed our hope to be put in the American government, rather than in God. And that’s where we need to go back to. Here’s how you preach hope:

1). God is Sovereign. Ask the Israelites in Egypt. Just for a refresher, take a moment and reread the first half of the book of Exodus. The Israelites were slaves under an oppressed regime with seemingly no hope of salvation. But God is sovereign. He can do what no one else can do. Even the most powerful ruler in that part of the world was unable to thwart the plans of God. God remains sovereign. So stop freaking out. Preach hope.

2). God is in Control. Ask the Jews in Babylon. If you need more proof, go read the first half of the book of Daniel. The Jews were again oppressed, this time by the mighty king Nebuchadnezzar. Without their preferred candidate on the throne, all seemed lost. But God is in control, and He can bend even the most powerful ruler to His will whenever He chooses. God is in control. So stop freaking out. Preach hope

3). Nothing Can Stop the Plans of God. Ask Pontius Pilate. The author and pioneer of our faith, Jesus of Nazareth, was falsely accused and killed almost 2000 years ago. The Romans won, Jesus lost. Or did he? Even the greatest triumph over Jesus was turned into the greatest triumph for Jesus through his resurrection from the dead. Some of God’s greatest works were done when there was an unsympathetic ruler in power. So stop freaking out. Preach hope.

So, if Clinton or Trump get elected, that does not signal the end of the world. God is still on His throne. God is still sovereign. Nothing can stop His plans. Preach that hope to your people this week.

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