How to Stay Grounded When Heading Off to College

How to Stay Grounded When Heading Off to College August 17, 2015

Last week I received a message from a former student with a great question about college. Here’s what she asked:


Hey! I’m now 18 and about to head off to college and I was wondering if you could give me any advice. I have looked up to you from the time I was in 6th grade and I’m very nervous about college in general. Thank you! Have a nice day!

Here’s what I wrote her. This advice I would give to anyone heading off to college:

You’re making me feel really old because all I can imagine is this awkward 6th grader, not a big time high school grad! So glad God’s continuing to do big things in your life. The one piece of advice I would give you is find a good church as soon as you can and start volunteering somewhere. Don’t just attend. It will be too easy to fall through the cracks and stop going. Go, sign up to serve somewhere (kids, youth), and get to know people. Put down roots in a good local church, and you’ll stay grounded your whole time there. God bless!

Find a good local church. Don’t settle for periodically attending. Plant roots. Find community. Volunteer somewhere. It will help you stay grounded throughout your college years.

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