Making Money Magick Work For You

Making Money Magick Work For You November 8, 2019

Though prosperity and abundance are about much more than money, money is one of the most popular intentions for magickal work and an important practical aspect of abundance and prosperity. People enchant for more money often, and just as often I hear complaints about how this kind of magick doesn’t work out the way the practitioner hoped it would.

Perhaps you do a working for more money and only get more hours at work or a very small raise.

Or maybe you’re trying to manifest a large sum and your car gets totaled. Or worse, someone dies and leaves you an inheritance (rare, but it has happened). Why does this happen?

Magick follows the path of least resistance. It’s going to work in the easiest way to manifest what you’re asking for, but sometimes the consequences for it are unintended and frustrating. If the easiest way for you to get more money is to work more hours then that’s how it’s going to manifest.

Most people who are trying to increase their income aren’t necessarily looking for more hours at work, though. They’re already working hard and are just looking to get a leg up and have more change in their pocket for all of their efforts.

The answer to this problem is to open up more channels for money to flow to you from. If you’re open to finding a new job, consider doing magick around inviting better paying work opportunities (that fit your lifestyle requirements) into your life. You’ll want to be specific so you don’t end up overworked and burnt out for that extra cash. It’s perfectly acceptable to enchant for more money but less hours.

You could do a working to get a significant raise at the job you’re currently at as well, but it may be easier to manifest a new job in the same (or different) field that pays better.

Another way to open up more channels is to do a working specifically for income that doesn’t require extra effort on your part (passive income). Be aware that this could manifest as someone in your life giving you money, among other ways. If you’re not good with that, or you are and you’re interested in other options too, do a spell to sniff out an easy money path and then seize what comes of it.

If you manifest money and a bill pops up right after, keeping you right where you’ve been, time to do a working to sew up your pockets so money doesn’t keep leaking out.

Don’t forget the mundane tasks of eliminating debt, making smart choices with your finances including savings and if you can, investing and diversifying your financial portfolio. Magick only ever gets us so far, we also have to do our part.

Money magick can be tricky for all kinds of reasons, and the topics of money, abundance, and prosperity often have all kinds of shadow issues attached to them. If you want to work through yours with me book a reading or spiritual guidance session.

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