Full Moon in Taurus Zodiac Readings- November 2019

Full Moon in Taurus Zodiac Readings- November 2019 November 11, 2019

Today is the first day of the full moon in Taurus. The words from the song “Turning Wake” by Ayla Nereo have been echoing in my mind: Weaver you are goal bent, but do your strings hold the strength of what was given when you flew in? Listen here – I consider this song the anthem of this full moon.

In my own life, big changes have preceded this day and will be reflected outward in all that I do from here on out. A shift is occurring for many of us, and it is not always without hardship or pain. I’ve determined to begin this post with an affirmation we can all use with this full moon energy to manifest changes that we desire to occur. All manifestation has some sort of fallout, where something must leave to make way for what is to come. Trust the process.

Full Moon Affirmation:

“I turn my desires into reality by activating the power of manifestation through the beaming force of vitality.”

As always, feel free to read the messages that I’ve channeled for your sun sign, moon sign, and rising sign. If you like this post, please share it so that others can receive the messages they are meant to receive as well. I’ve begun focusing more and more on teaching through my practical magick lessons subscription service. Sign up and receive $20 off of a reading or spiritual guidance session, along with the many other benefits of joining this community. Now, onto your messages. Have a blessed full moon.


It is time to let go and move on. What was is over, you’ve experienced all the bounty it had to give, and now it is time to set it down and let it go. This may be a bittersweet ending, but you’ll also find new energy and courage in it. There may even be a sigh of relief within your soul, a sense of finally, as you come to a place of acceptance. You are free, and the way is open. Trust the power of new beginnings. It no longer matters what everyone is doing, and there is freedom for you in that. Send away all that no longer serves. You may lose some people in the process, but take heart, because those who are meant to stay, will.


You may find yourself in a position where someone is telling you one thing but your intuition is telling you something different entirely. You’re faced with a choice. Know that your intuition is always trustworthy, it always has your best interests at heart. People lie, and are driven by their own motives. It takes courage to defend the trustworthiness of your perceptions, but it’s worth it. Better to trust now than to look back and wish you had in retrospect. If you are feeling that life is too chaotic to hear clearly, take a step back and quiet down with meditation or a salt bath. In wine there is truth, and that will come out when defenses are down. Pay attention to it.


You’ve got a veritable cornucopia of good things in your life. Blessings surround you, and you have many resources available to you. What can you outsource so that you can spend a little more time nurturing yourself? Re-evaluate the pace you’ve set for your life and your goals. It needs to be sustainable long-term. Any feelings of not having or being enough can be defied by pausing and counting your blessings. You are, and have, all that you need. Practice patience so that all you’re working toward will bear fruit at the appropriate time. Enjoy what you have right now, in this moment.


The deep, dark waters of the subconscious and dream world are calling to you. A longing once buried is resurfacing, and your powers of perception are strengthening. Take this time to surrender and rest. Allow yourself to know the power of the restful soil, the preparation of the seed in darkness and silence. Grief may bring you to this place, or exhaustion. It is the place of the empty lungs before the life-giving wind is drawn in to bring fullness and relief. You are sacred ground, called to sacred ground. You will recognize your many gifts and the value of them by exploring who you are away from the perceptions of others. People don’t value dandelions, yet they are filled with healing abilities and support the healthfulness of the earth. Know your true worth.


Your vision will take you far, and your aim is true. Despite the fire within, you must fix your eyes on the truth and commit to seeing clearly. No matter how slow things seem to be moving, you are always manifesting, so stay your course. Your natural vitality is enhanced. You have the ability to bring out what was hidden, and where you direct your thoughts, energy follows. Aim your words carefully. You’re creating something spectacular. Stay with it. Trust your perceptions.


Everything that feels like bad luck is communicating something to you about you. Life is speaking to you about what needs to change, about what needs to be embraced, about the depths of your resilience and the immense strength you have to take on the challenges you face and succeed. All of life is an initiation in one form or another. Sometimes gentleness is called for to open the way to certain mysteries. Sometimes it’s about a good sense of humor and an ability to enjoy what’s right in front of you, right now, that opens the way and shows you truth. Pay attention to what is needed in the moment.


There are treasures to be found within your grief. It’s OK to ask for help. Can you see that you yourself are a light in the darkness, even when that darkness is your own? And what of all those responsibilities you’re juggling- they’re sacred too, even when they are used to avoid the work you need to do within. You don’t have to be alone with your shadow all the time. You can invite someone who knows they’re treading on sacred ground to walk the valley with you and hold your hand along the way, supporting you but never imagining that they can do the hard work of healing for you. Sooner or later the ball always drops, but you don’t have to be afraid. Your life is not many compartments. It is one living painting, fluid and acting. Attend to the work within now, remain anchored in your life by your commitments to others.


Let us talk about healing and listening, and the power of water within your life. Water is life, is protection, is health. It mirrors the movement of emotions and there is wisdom in learning to shape the waves within you. Water teaches you to overcome, to nourish. It protects the life entrusted to it. It provides an environment for thriving. Do not let your waters become poisoned. You know who, and what, brings toxicity into your environment. You are the sacred keeper of the wellspring of your life. Heal and protect yourself. All bodies of water are connected. As you do your part, you help others to do theirs. The way is open to use your natural gifts. Begin with protection, and follow the path from there.


Do not approach the construct of the future from a place of fear. No one avoids adversity, yet there is no reason to suffer doubly by projecting it into events that have yet to transpire. It is better for you to create the future from a place of love. It is easy to think that the way things are now is the way they will always be, but life changes in an instant and has a way of surprising us. What steps are you, or can you, take now to create a future that inspires you? Turn your mind from what you don’t want and feed it with good thoughts about what you do want. For others to love you, you must first allow yourself to be seen. Give up self-sabotage and false friends. Commit to your truth.


What you do to others, you do to yourself. Every action contributes to who you are and who you are becoming. The roots of the trees mirror the branches. Trust yourself and you can recognize trustworthiness in others. It is time to recognize the threads of connection woven in life and expand and strengthen the ones that help you be shaped into the kind of person you are proud to be. It is all a balance, it is all an exchange. What you feed feeds you, for better or worse. A choice is at hand. Be wise with where you invest your energy.


You cannot gain true insight and understanding by skimming the surface and clinging to your ideals with a death grip. Step outside of yourself and entertain a truly radical perspective for a while. To get deep joy and fulfillment you must engage deeply and fully with life. Going through the motions and charging ahead with eyes shut tight will only bring tribulation. Now is not the time for snap judgments. If you fall into a hole because you aren’t really paying attention, it may not be easy to climb out. Sit with the trees and learn their ways. They do not imagine that they are ever alone. They engage with community, and it benefits all.


Step outside of your comfort zone. It is the only way to mastery. Stretch yourself, give yourself permission to grow and be more. You do not have to make yourself small or set limits on what you can do and who you can be. You’re a whole person with many sides to your identity. Don’t cut any corners. Commit to the integrity of your life, of all that you put your energy into, and the results will be beautiful. Nourish your sense of courage by taking action. There is more to you than you know, waiting to be discovered, waiting to surprise you. Expand your horizons and be blessed by the new life it breathes into your spirit.

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