A Spell For the New Year

A Spell For the New Year January 7, 2020

Take your New Years resolution to a whole new magickal level with this simple candle spell.

You will need:

•A figure candle or chime candle in the color that corresponds with your intention. White can be used as a substitution for any color.

•A fire safe holder for the candle

•Paper and pen

•Olive oil

•Herbs that correspond with your intention (optional)


You’ll need to think about what you want to manifest for yourself in the new year, whether it’s health, prosperity, etc. Whatever it is, keep it simple. On a piece of paper write it down in the present tense. So for example, “In 2020 I am healthy and full of energy.”

Dress the candle you’ve chosen with olive oil and any herbs that fit your intention as you name the candle after you, out loud (saying “you are [whatever your name is]). Spend at least 3 full minutes connecting this candle to you.

Then, create a circle of salt on whatever surface you’re going to place the candle on, place the petition paper inside of it, place the fire-safe dish and candle on top of the petition paper, and burn the candle.

Spend at least ten minutes thinking about your intention, envisioning it, being grateful for it, and then go about your evening. Allow the candle to burn down and out.

*Fire magick basics: please always practice fire safety with candle magick. Don’t leave candles unattended, don’t leave them lit if you’re going to bed or leaving the house, don’t light them near flammable things. If you need to leave or go to bed, snuff (don’t blow) the candle out and relight it the next day to continue the spell).

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