Full Moon in Libra Zodiac Readings- April 2020

Full Moon in Libra Zodiac Readings- April 2020 April 6, 2020

The full pink moon in Libra reminds us that everything eventually comes into balance. It’s obviously a very weird time for all of us right now with what is going on in the world, but we’re meant to remember that we can still experience joy and growth and fulfillment even in the midst of chaos and difficulty. When we focus on what we can control, are responsible and aware of how our actions affect ourselves and others, and find our rooting within, we can flourish. I chose the song “it’s okay” by Ayla Nereo for our anthem for this full moon and I fully encourage you to take a listen, because it’s a song we all can benefit from hearing right now.

Remember that with these messages you can read for your sun, moon, and rising sign for a fuller picture. And of course, you can always book a session with me if there’s anything you need to talk about.


Embrace all the good in your life. Say yes to happiness, to love, to joy. You can have these things. Trust the blessings coming your way and name with gratitude all the blessings before you. There is so much fulfillment for you, you just have to be open to it. Receive it. Don’t worry about what’s ahead. You build your future moment by moment. Soak in every bit of happiness that you can right now, in this moment, and let it be the foundation for what is to come. Something you’ve been hoping for may finally be arriving on the scene. Make sure you’re ready to receive.



You’ve been putting yourself out there a lot. It’s time to make some choices based solely on what you need. You’re always showing up for others, now you need to show up for yourself. You’re able to see what hasn’t been working fo you and to make new choices that will be sustaining and supportive to your own growth and your own wellbeing. Judgment day has come for all that no longer serves you. Call upon your ancestors for protection as you embark on this entirely new way of being in the world.



It’s all about cultivating contentment and peace in your world right now. Focus on cooperation, your home, and activities that nurture your spirit. You have the opportunity to expand your capacity for joy in new ways. Reflect on what harmony means to you, and how you can bring more of it into your life. Slow down and survey all that you have accomplished, all that surrounds you. Seek the pleasures of the mundane and bring yourself into balance.



Go within and connect with your intuition, your power. There is a lot of healing work to be done. Give yourself space to reflect without judgment. Focus on developing your psychic abilities, and on trusting yourself. You have a great deal of wisdom within you. It can take work to access it, but it’s worth it for the rewards it brings. As you become more rooted in your personal power, the way forward will become clearer and your own steps will become more sure. Begin with connecting deeply with your ancestors, for they are the root of your power.



Inspiration may strike for a new and enterprising way to make money. Be open to your creative inspiration, see where it leads. Take stock of your resources, talents  and skills. Right now there are many potentials surrounding you, and you can move forward in any direction you want. Take some space to work out your ideas and plans. Leave plenty of room for growth.



You’re feeling ready for something new. Connect with your passion. An issue that has been confusing and troubling you is about to clear. Make sure that you’re ready to take action. There are numerous things that are out of your control (like other people, their opinions) but you need to remember that you’re the one responsible for your own life and your own happiness. So go after what you want, create your life.



Clarity comes, bringing with it immense relief. You’re able to cut through the mire that has been weighing you down. This is the beginning for you in moving forward. Pay close and careful attention to your thoughts. The opportunity to eliminate unhelpful thinking patterns is presented to you. You don’t have to hold on to thoughts that hurt you. There’s no indication that they’re actually true, but they definitely just get in your way. Aim for peace of mind, instead. It’s much more pleasant.



This is a time of grief, of moving on, of cutting your losses. Sometimes you put a lot of energy and effort into nurturing something and through no fault of your own it just doesn’t thrive. Not everything has a simple straight forward reason for happening, and that doesn’t mean anyone is to blame. It may not be clear where you’re headed from here, but there is hope to be had all the same. Things will get better. Just give it time.



You have so much wisdom at your disposal, let it light your way. You don’t have to walk alone. The time has come to consider what partnership means to you and how you want it to fit into your life. This isn’t a question of wholeness, you know you are whole. This is a question of greater fulfillment. Listen to your intuition and show yourself when the time feels right. Let another see you. There’s no rush, but when you know what you want, there’s also no reason to wait.



Put all your frustration and inner conflict into something creative. Don’t waste energy fighting with yourself or indulging in petty drama. Find a constructive and life-affirming outlet (like spending some time alone in your garden tending some plants). Get to the root of what is driving you to feel this way, and work on resolving it. Until you do, all that you’ve been trying to manifest will be tangled in a knot. Clear your head. Make constructive use of your energy. Embrace duality. Release expectations.



It’s all about stability for you right now, and that’s available to you if you’re open to it. Forget the ideas you have about how things are supposed to unfold. You don’t need to limit the avenues of your blessings. You can make a success of your goals with determined efforts, right now, step by step. Something you’ve been working on is likely to pay off very soon. A bit of expectant gratitude will help it along.



Right now is all about determine what is best for you, what you want, and how these things intersect. Take your time with decisions, considering the advice and the motives of others before you make them. Clear your mind, ground your energy. There really is no wrong choice, but some are wiser than others. Think about what you want want your life to be like a year from now, and it’ll become a lot easier to see the right path before you.




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