Why You Should Begin a Chanting Practice Today

Why You Should Begin a Chanting Practice Today April 12, 2020

Chanting is a practice with myriad benefits both physical and spiritual. It is a fantastic form of active meditation where sound itself evokes the movement of energy within and around you. Different sounds resonate with different parts of the body, stimulating healing and removing blocks within and without. The act of chanting also calms the mind as it regulates your breath, and it is known to stimulate the nervous system and reduce limbic activity which makes it a practice that relieves stress.

Chanting can be a comforting and helpful tool in moments of deep anxiety, and even repeating a chant silently within the mind has positive effects on your overall wellbeing. Chanting helps calm your mind, bringing awareness to yourself in the moment, and you can take it to whatever heights or depths you desire.

You can also chant to reach trance states with simple and monotonous rhythms and melody. Chanting can be used to stimulate your connection with your own spiritual nature, the spiritual nature of all that is around you, and to other and higher beings. Many mantras can be worked with to connect to specific deities, give honor to them and gain favor from them, and to bring about positive life changes. Changes in the physical body may commence as blocks are released and your energy is realigned. Chanting in Sanskrit, if it is unfamiliar to you, produces an added benefit: when the mind is unable to attach an immediate meaning to the sound that is resonating within, the natural desire of the mind to latch onto the words and wander is mitigated.

With regard to using chants to connect with deities, such as Ganesha, it’s important to make offerings and to approach your chanting session with purity and reverence, and to perform the chants correctly. Be aware that the activity of chanting can be tiring at first, especially if it is a chant you are repeating 108 times, though it will produce great benefits over time as the connection strengthens and the sounds resonating within your body reverberates outward, causing movement within and without.

Chanting is a wonderful addition to any holistic self-care practice. If you’re not ready to begin chanting or are unable to for some reason, you can still receive the trance and meditation benefits by listening to others chant, whether you’re in a yoga class or listening on YouTube or any other streaming station. Listening with intention will provide similar benefits to any other sound-based meditation, but it won’t have the same degree of physical benefits of resonating the sound within your own body by using your own voice. Chanting is a simple practice to begin that can bring great change and a deeper sense of centeredness, awareness, peace, and healing to your days.


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