Scot McKnight on Famous Stutterers

Scot McKnight on Famous Stutterers February 20, 2017

Famous Stutterers

I am very grateful to my friend and fellow Anglican Scot McKnight (who, BTW, is an important NT scholar) for featuring Famous Stutterers on his blog today.

Here is some of what he wrote:

If you stutter, this book is for you; if you know folks who stutter, this book is for you; if you minister in a church, this book is for you. I see this book the way I see Adam McHugh’s book on introversion. The book will awaken you to a world around you.

McDermott concludes with some wisdom for folks with stutters: it’s not the end of the world, it need not prevent success in life, perseverance and self-discipline matter, find creative ways to improve, use stuttering to your advantage, let it deepen your character, ponder its benefits in your life, learn to laugh, think of writing, don’t let it define you, he has some tips on mechanics and be open to transcendence (e.g., prayer and I would add the Spirit’s transcending and transforming power).

For all of McKnight’s post, click here.


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