Trump’s moving the American embassy to Jerusalem removed the artificial life support for the UN resolutions of the 1940s that were made obsolete by Israel’s victory in 1967 after being attacked by Arab armies on all sides. Read more

There is a new opportunity at Beeson Divinity School for Anglicans seeking to earn a Doctor of Ministry degree. Read more

Robert Benne will speak at Samford University’s Beeson Divinity School Feb. 1, on “Bad and Good Ways to Think About Religion and Politics.” Read more

If you are unfamiliar with BDS, and want to know why it is so insidious, you owe it to yourself to read this and pass it along to others. Read more

Since true religion is the womb that births the morality of conviction and duty, a revival of true religion is needed for a revival of public virtue. Read more

There is a worldwide movement of Muslims to Christ through dreams. Read more

Should Christians care whether or not our U.S. embassy is moved to Jerusalem? This week Christianity Today editors asked me about this.  I told them Christians should care for two reasons.  First, for prudential reasons–Israel is a light of freedom in the vast darkness of repression in the Middle East.  Second, because there is a connection between biblical Israel and the covenanted people of Israel today. Here is the link to the podcast.   Read more

One day King (which is what “Christ” means, the “anointed one” from a land where typically only kings were anointed) Jesus will renew all of this world and restore Israel to its center. Read more

The faith of Pope Francis seems, if not weak, at least different from that of the Catholic tradition. Read more

While progressive versions of Christianity that strain to keep up to date with the latest fads are actually irrelevant to our deepest needs, it is only the ancient testimony to the Trinitarian God who comes to us in the creeds and liturgies and sacraments of the historic church that can meet us where we most deeply need God. Read more

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