Liturgy and eucharist – Part XV

The letters of Ignatius (early 2nd c.) provide the earliest clear evidence for the threefold order of deacon, priest, bishop. By the end of the 2nd c., that threefold ministry gained pre-eminence everywhere. [Read more…]

Evangelicals and Catholics Together

What is “Evangelicals and Catholics Together”? [Read more…]

Liturgy and eucharist – Part XIV

Daily prayer at 4th-century cathedrals was twice a day and quite ecclesial: here was the Church gathered for prayer, exercising its royal priesthood by a sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving on behalf of all creation and interceding for the salvation of the world. [Read more…]

Liturgy and eucharist – Part XIII

Paul F. Bradshaw, The Search for the Origins of Christian Worship The evolution of Eucharistic rites 119 Bradshaw says that since the Didache has prayers after the cup and then the bread, and then another prayer “after being filled,” with prophets being allowed to give thanks as they wished, “it was of a very different [Read More…]

Can conservatives and liberals agree on abortion?

Many liberals should be able to agree with conservatives that in the last trimester, when most of the unborn are viable, the state has a compelling interest in protecting life. Even if some are uncertain of the personhood of the fetus at this late stage, it seems reasonable and right to give it the benefit of the doubt. [Read more…]

Liturgy and Eucharist – Part XII

I remember studying form and source criticism at the University of Chicago Divinity School back in the early 1970s. I was struck by how the critics often disagreed with one another, and yet each thought he (almost all were men) got it right. [Read more…]

Liturgy and Eucharist – Part XI

In Jesus and the Last Supper (2015) Brant Pitre argues that the date in the synoptics and John is the same: the account of Jesus’ final meal begins on the afternoon of 14 Nisan, continues through the night of 15 Nisan, on which there is a Passover meal, and concludes with the crucifixion on 15 Nisan. [Read more…]

Liturgy and Eucharist – Part X

There are variations among Jews from place to place in the first century CE or so, but there does seem to have been a fairly common practice at meals of saying blessings or thanksgivings for the gift of food and the gift of the Land, and supplications for mercy on the people, the city of Jerusalem, and the Temple. [Read more…]

Liturgy and Eucharist – Part IX

Paul F. Bradshaw, The Search for the Origins of Christian Worship: Sources and Methods for the Study of Early Liturgy, 2nd ed. (New York: Oxford University Press, 2002) Friends, this is the second phase in my comparative study of liturgy and Eucharist.  Today I begin a review of Bradshaw’s book.  After I complete it, I [Read More…]

Liturgy and Eucharist – Part VIII

Friends, these are my last comments on Dix’s book. Shortly before or after Easter I shall take up Paul Bradshaw, The Search for the Origins of Christian Worship.  Among other things, we shall examine Bradshaw’s criticisms of Dix.   Chapter 16: The Reformation and the Anglican Liturgy (cont’d)   Dix cites Cranmer’s principal treatise on [Read More…]