A tribute to Robert Jenson (1930 – 2017)

I came to know “Jens” personally in two areas of research that we shared—Jonathan Edwards and Israel. Read more

Who was Eric Mascall?

Eric Lionel Mascall (1905-93) was one of the best–perhaps the sharpest and most lucid–of orthodox Anglican theologians in the twentieth century. Read more

Podcast: How I changed my mind

This is how and why I changed my mind on Israel. Read more

Whatever Happened to God the Father?

God the Father has been lost from view—of both theology and the Church. Read more

Charlottesville and racism

What should we in the church do? Read more

Podcast: Dr Michael Brown and I talk about why Israel matters

Dr. Michael Brown and I discuss the meaning of Israel for Christians. Read more

James K.A. Smith and the Limits of “Orthodoxy”

James K.A. Smith risks separating moral theology from dogmatic theology in a perilous way. Read more

Podcast: Is God done with Israel?

Podcast: Is God done with Israel? Read more

Afraid of public speaking? Tips from famous stutterers

Surveys have shown that the greatest fear Americans have—even more than going to the dentist or flying—is speaking in front of a group. Read more

The Chinese Bonhoeffer

Like Bonhoeffer, Liu Xia was martyred for bravely standing for Truth. Read more

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