Muslim dreams

Muslim dreams December 18, 2017

Waterloo-Church-Wikimedia-3-300x225In a 2016 article for the Australian cultural magazine Quadrant, Uwe Siemon-Netto writes of a worldwide movement of Muslims to Christ through dreams.  Here are some excerpts.

“Like Lutherans, Calvinists are wary of supernatural events.  But when I asked this Pakistani Presbyterian Presbyterian what had prompted these imams to come to his Bible school, he said, ‘Dreams!  Christ had appeared to them in their sleep and instructed them to come here to hear the truth.

“An Anglican priest spoke of hundreds of Persian women attending secret Bible studies in Tehran following dreams.

“In the independent Lutheran Church of the Trinity in Berlin, Pastor Gottfried Martens baptises ten or more former Muslims on most Sundays. Six hundred converts from Iran and Afghanistan make up two-thirds of this thriving parish in a city ranking among the most secular in Europe. Martens’s Sunday services often last more than two hours, as it takes a long time for this large number of ex-Muslims to kneel down at the altar rail and receive the sacrament and blessing while the rest of the congregation of dark-skinned worshippers lustily chant sixteenth and seventeenth-century Lutheran hymns they have learned in Berlin.”

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