The Future of Orthodox Anglicanism

The Future of Orthodox Anglicanism March 10, 2020

It is hot off the press: The Future of Orthodox Anglicanism.

Amazon says it is the No 1 New Release in Christian Systematic Theology.

Here is a summary:

Anglicanism is the fastest growing Christian communion in the world today. It is attracting evangelicals who hunger for connections to the early church and for mystery, sacraments, and liturgy. But many people, even Anglicans themselves, don’t really understand what sets today’s Anglicanism apart from some of its history and distinguishes it from other Christian denominations. In 11 essays by prominent Anglican scholars and leaders representing perspectives from East Africa, North Africa, and North America, this book clarifies what distinguishes Anglicanism from both Roman Catholicism and other Protestant denominations, reflecting on the tradition’s rich legacy in the past while offering a winsome proposal for the future.

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