Be sure to order . . .

Be sure to order . . . October 3, 2020

. . . before it sells out.

Even if I were not its editor, I would say this is an incisive theological pushback against the new anti-racism that has become a cult promoting falsehood and racism.

Take a look at its contents:

Introduction: Our national dilemma (Gerald McDermott, Beeson Divinity School)

Part I: The national covenant in Scripture and history

Chapter 1: Covenant, Race, and the Nations in the Hebrew Bible (Joshua Berman, Bar-Ilan University)

Chapter 2: Exile and return in Israel and America (R. Mitch Rocklin, Tikvah Fund)

Chapter 3: National Covenant in American Churches (Mark Tooley, president, Institute on Religion and Democracy)

Chapter 4: Martin Luther King, Jr., and the American Covenant (James Patterson, Ave Maria University)

Part II: Race, covenant, and contemporary American society

Chapter 5: The Identity Politics Critique of American Republic (Joshua Mitchell, Georgetown University)

Chapter 6: Race and Economics: The Question of Human Agency (William Allen, Michigan State University)

Chapter 7: Exile and Return from Slavery (Glenn Loury, Brown University)

Chapter 8: Undermining the Covenant of Marriage: Racial Injustice and the Black Family (Jacqueline Rivers, Seymour Institute)

Chapter 9: Little Black Lives Matter: The National Covenant and the Right to Be Born (Alveda King, Priests for Life, with Evan Musgraves)

Part III:  The theology and practices of the covenant community

Chapter 10: Racial Supremacy and Covenantal Reconciliation (Carol Swain, James Madison Society at Princeton)

Chapter 11: Black Churches and the National Covenant (Derryck Green, National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives)

Chapter 12: Hispanic Churches and the National Covenant (Osvaldo Padilla, Beeson Divinity School)

Chapter 13: Race and School Choice (Robert Woodson, The Woodson Center)

Chapter 14: Geography, History, and Eternity: A Theological Stewardship (Timothy George, Beeson Divinity School)

Epilogue: I Don’t Want No Trouble at the River (Robert Smith, Beeson Divinity School)


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