Bodhi retreat talk by Dharmavidya David Brazier

Bodhi retreat talk by Dharmavidya David Brazier December 12, 2017

This Dharma talk features Dharmavidya, the Head of the Order of Amida Buddha, with a ‘radiant face, lit up like a mountain peak’ in the morning sun.
It also includes me doing the wrong mudra for the touching the earth Buddha, a controversial new interpretation of the morning star on the morning of the Buddha’s enlightenment, and plenty of wisdom and inspiration for Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike.
Worth a watch – put some time aside. It all comes down to love…


The Life of No Regret

Your radiant face,
Like a mountain peak
Catching the first burst
Of morning light
Has awesome and
Unequalled majesty.
Like black ink by comparison
Are the sun, the moon, or the “mani” treasure.

Such is your incomparable face.
The melody of your enlightenment
Fills the world
Rare and precious
Are your precepts,
Learning, energy, meditation,
Wisdom and amazing virtue.
The oceanic Dharma
Of all Buddhas
Which you fathom
To its deepest depths
Dispels the 3 poisons
From the heart –
You are like a lion:
Valiant and divinely pure.

Great power!
Deep wisdom!
Awesome light!
Reverberation –
A prayer I make, a Buddha to become
Equal to you, my Dharma king,
To lead all beings to the other shore
Leaving none behind.
The six paramitas
To perfect
With prajna at their head.
Should I become Buddha:
I will fulfil
This prayer completely:
To everyone
I’ll bring great peace.
To Buddhas countless
As sand grains
My offerings I make,
And do not flinch
From the trials
Of the incomparable Way,
Straight and true.

Though Buddha lands
And worldly realms
Be numberless
Like sand,
By sheer power
Of aspiration
I’ll fill them all
With light.
Let me become a Buddha
And the multitude
Of beings
Will all enjoy
My primordial
Nirvana world.
By indiscriminate compassion
I will enlighten all.
Reborn here from no matter where
In my country their hearts

Will lighten and be joyful,
Happy and at ease.
Oh you Buddha, witness my vow,
My true aspiration,
Establishing my vow on you
Gives me the strength to fulfil it.
Buddhas throughout space and time
Of unimpeded wisdom
Always witness
My heart’s practice.
No matter the obstacles, the hardships,
My practice will endure
Through all,
Without regret.


(from the Nien Fo book.  Listen to an audio recording of this verse).

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