Reverend Satya Robyn is a Pureland Buddhist Priest with the Amida Order, and she runs a small temple with her husband Reverend Kaspalita in Malvern in the UK. She is also a psychotherapist in private practice and a writer.

The temple is a white four storey house from the 1820s. It’s in the middle of town but behind the Buddha in the shrine room is an awesome view out across the Severn valley. Satya and Kaspa live in the house alongside six templemates, three cats and two bunnies (one three-legged, one blind).

Amongst other things Satya is interested in how to grow community, addiction and 12 step groups, spaces where people can tell the truth, non-violent communication and introducing people to devotional practice. She enjoys growing veggies, walking on the hills, vegan cake and words (although she should walk on the hill more often, and eat less cake).