Choosing Gratitude as a Guide

Choosing Gratitude as a Guide October 14, 2022

Place Gratitude In Your Soul’s Toolbox

This past week I was met by a very unexpected and challenging event.

Sitting quietly at a nearby restaurant, right from in back of me, my wallet was stolen.

Having discovered this only two hours later due to many expenses that were not mine, a feeling of violation emerged.

As the day went on, canceling credit card and reaching out to the DMV, I focused on what I could control and not what I could not.

Processing with much heart awareness, I opened up my soul’s toolbox to find what would support and guide me to a place of calm.

Leaving my moments of stillness, gratitude was clearly the perfect tool, the perfect guide.

My senses sweetly brought me back to a precious day I had just shared with my granddaughter.

In that moment I took ownership of my moment choosing gratitude over feelings of violation.

Reminding me that gratitude is meet up with when moments are joyful, it is in moments of hardship that it takes a mindful and aware heart to reach out to gratitude.

May you place gratitude in a well-kept place in your soul’s toolbox.



As if the sun knew we needed her.

The day was early fall, yet the warmth was reminiscence of a sweet spring day.

Her eleven-year-old hand sat so perfectly in my palm, as we walked the cobble stone streets.

Every now and then taking skipping steps, just because we could.

Hugs became a joint stop sign, as if our hearts needed to process the gift of togetherness we so tenderly had unwrapped.

That was yesterday, and today when the whirlwinds of challenge appeared, I called upon my gratitude.

The preciousness of yesterday, my granddaughter and I, lifted me way above the troubled moments.

Allowing the softness of gratefulness to caress my soul.

River view from behind trees
photo by Susan P Lax


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