Giving Space to Regret

Giving Space to Regret October 6, 2022

Giving Space to Regret

Yom Kippur always offers me a new door in the house of my soul to look behind.

As I listened to the voices of our tradition sing, and the wisdom of my Rabbi speak, my heart visited with the sounds of regret.

An unexpected meeting in the rows of  Synagogue offered a sacred space to set regret free.


Morning Inspiration

Her flowered dress was slightly covered by the white cardigan she wore.

I sat in the row behind her, my view was of her short grey hair and the hug she shared with the young woman closely tucked into her embrace.

Sounds of tradition filled the air, knocking at my soul’s door.

Yet this picture of human closeness captured my attentiveness, taking my thoughts and heart on an unexpected walk down the path of regrets.

A friendship that had shared many life defining firsts with me had drifted into the various forest trails of life.

His story had been written his last chapter sealed.

A final farewell from me never made it onto those last pages.

I knew I had to give voice to the sounds of my regret, allowing a new freedom to take hold of my moment.

The woman with the flowered dress moved back a row right beside me.

I knew in that second that she was the connection to give my regret its place.

The universe offered a surprising discovery.

For she was his partner in love that I had never met.

We hugged as the gift of tears caressed us.

It was there, in that sacred space that the sounds of regret were heard.

Offering my soul, the sweet music of freedom.

May you give voice to your heart’s regrets and may the newly made sounds of freedom play in your soul.


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