You Can Begin Again

You Can Begin Again September 30, 2022

You Can Begin Again

The days of awe offer an invitation to return to the land of our soul.

To the sweetness of self -reflection and the freedom of forgiveness.

May this new year be filled with good for all.

Morning Inspiration

Every season has her unique rhythm.

A rhythm that invites us to embark on the journey of renewal.

Nature shares with us her wisdom, her changes.

What she sheds and what she births.

As this new season begins, you are invited to return to the land of your soul.

Cast away what no longer brings color and growth to the garden of your moments.

Cradle forgiveness as you plant it so gently in your heart.

Sow the earth of your being, creating the perfect space to cultivate anew.

Here in this most precious place, your spirit, you can begin again.


About Me

Morning Inspiration started off as a message of joy to a dear friend at a time of great illness and it slowly developed into the likes of storytelling and poetry.

I write my newsletter “Morning Inspiration” 3 times a week for souls all over the world in hope that it will offer a moment of awareness and make a moment better than the last.

My book, A Heart’s Landscape, offers a collection of inspirations written over a period of 13 years. Each page contains a poem or story that is accompanied by a photo which has inspired me.

As a spiritual counselor, I find myself mostly inspired by the human spirit.

Opportunities to begin again are all around us.

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