I spent the morning walking in Tel-Aviv amongst my favorite streets.

The sun was warm, but the change of season was in the air.

The holiday season, the one that follows the summer.

Shanah Tova, Happy New Year, people greeted and parted from me.

My answer with a full heart “Shanah Shel Tov”- May it be a year of good.

I spend my days   between Tel-Aviv and NYC, holding on to the special and unique that each place offers my heart.

During these days as the High Holidays approach, I was awakened by a wonderful awareness within me.

One that directed my soul to the possible, the importance and magnificence it can offer our moments.

Perhaps if we invite a bit of possible into our moment, the concept of “we can” may appear in the moment that follows.

Creating our own beautiful garden of moments.

Each one of us has their own possible, their own dreams, and wishes.

With a little bit of possible in our lives, so much good can be created.

Once we are touched by good it never leaves.

What an amazing world that would be!

May we awaken the possible that so patiently awaits our invitation, and may we strive to bring a little bit of possible into this world.

May this  Rosh Hashana begin the start of a year  be filled with good, may it open the gates of compassion and embrace all in the gifts of unity.

I send out a Morning Inspiration email to beautiful souls around the world ,this one is a self reflection as Rosh Hashana approaches;


Days needed more seconds, more minutes, and more hours.

My doing started to takeover my being; my breath called for more attention.

Sitting in my new sacred space, I heard the beautiful sounds of silence.

I felt the beat of my heart’s song flow through me.

In the comfort of my tan chair, I listened to the echoes of self-reflection.

Change was knocking at my door, calling upon my awareness.

Whispering softly into the hallways of my peaceful stillness.

“Invite the possible to guide you.

Share the music of change with the orchestra of your soul.

Welcome the fresh fragrance of a slower pace into your moments.”

As I rose, I could feel the lightness in my heart all the way down to the soles of my feet.

Today, listen closely to the pace your soul needs.





















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